Struggling Married Entrepreneurs are One Simple Step Away from the Fix

Updated: May 3, 2021

Around 2014 I had an identity crisis in my business. My branding and marketing agency served the best nightclubs in the world. We were highly sought after, and I was climbing the ranks of authorities in nightlight marketing.

But God began to convict me of serving that industry. I was a follower of Christ, yet my business served the opposite force.

I was already tired of the nightlife, I was ready for a change, but I was scared, confused, and didn’t know which direction to go. So I asked God to reveal to me what I should do.

Shortly after, my church asked me to lead a Bible study on any book I wanted to teach from. I chose a book called Chazown by Craig Groeschel. The premise of the book is “where there is no vision; the people will perish.” After leading the group to help them discover their vision for their businesses, I had inadvertently found the vision for MY business.

Through that group, God revealed to me that I needed to help entrepreneurs discover what they were born to do (vision), help them bring that to life (branding) until the whole world knows (marketing). It all made sense! I had a clear vision for the calling over my business life.

But remember…. it all started when I came to God and asked Him to lead me and my business in a new direction. That’s when God moved through someone at my church to ask me to lead a Bible study, and the rest is history.

We Godpreneurs have the ability (and, quite frankly, the obligation) to ask God for His guidance and allow Him to lead our business and marriage. Some of us aren’t experiencing the breakthroughs we so desperately need because we’re not asking God to reveal to us THE WAY. We’re not letting God show us our calling in business and marriage, and we’re missing out on the breakthroughs He wants to bring us.

We may have an idea of what’s needed in our business and marriage. We might have some of the pieces of the puzzle in place, and parts of our life seem to be going well, but if one part isn’t firing on all cylinders, the entire machine isn’t working at its best.

Listen, I was born to tell all entrepreneurs that God already knows what is in our future. And because God already has a plan, we simply have to ask Him to reveal to us what He wants from our business and marriage, and He will bring the breakthrough! God wants one thing from us – to do what He created us to do.