Overcoming Work Addiction: Step 2 – Know the Signs

My mother is a workaholic. If you call the office at 11:30 at night, she’s likely to be there. I guess the apples doesn’t fall far from the tree after all.

I’m not sure why my mom works so much. She’s a government employee so it’s not like she makes overtime.  I’m still stumped. But when I ask myself the same question, I started to discover some very…Ugly….Things about myself.

I noticed that I would stay at the office longer when my marriage was having problems. I began to realize that the reason I would spend so much time at the gym was because it gave me an escape from my wife and problems in the business. I’m not talking about an innocent weekly routine of going to the gym…No….I was fully soaked into CrossFit and the culture of competition and growth.

If we entrepreneurs don’t watch out, we can easily convince ourselves that working more hours is necessary to bring more money home for vacations…And that going to the gym is needed for our health. But if we’re not vigilant to the signs, we could easily fall into the same trap I fell in…They really became addictions.

And my addictions almost became fatal to my marriage.

So what’s an addiction?  Great question.

Some addictions that kill us are more obvious. Tobacco, drunk driving, heroin overdose, etc. But others are more silent and innocent, like eating too much that leads to diabetes and heart failure. These innocent addictions are bigger killers than the first obvious ones.  We tend to overlook these…Like I was overlooking work and exercise.

See, addictions are either

  1. Substance: alcohol, caffeine, weed, cocaine, prescription meds

  2. Process: work, exercise, gambling, shopping, pornography

This blog specifically focuses on work addiction, a process.

The medical diagnosis of a work addition is: