Overcoming Uncertainty in Business

I go through seasons in my business. I’m not just talking about the 4 seasons of summer, winter, spring and fall. I’m talking about the ups and downs, the lefts and rights, the expansion and contraction, the growth and decline.

The frustrating thing for me is that you really can’t predict the seasons. Sure, there’s a day that summer starts on the calendar, but it’s not precise.

We entrepreneurs want to know when the turn on the rollercoaster is coming. We wish that our businesses weren’t susceptible to the seasons, we wish this rule skipped over us.


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The reality is that seasons serve two amazing purposes.

  1. Seasons make me 100% dependent on God.  Since I don’t know what’s next, I need God to guide me and walk beside me along the path.

  2. Seasons keep me changing and adapting to fit the wants and desires of the market, which are in line with the changes God wants me to make.

Although seasons are awesome, they are still uncertain, and uncertainty kills us. Why?  Because we want to be God…we want to be in control…which is the original sin.

In the last 11 blog posts I’ve been taking us on a journey through the book of Acts.

Acts shows us the manual for expansion of the church, which I also see as how we can expand our businesses and our influence.

In Chapter 12, the the Apostle James is beheaded by Harod, Peter is freed from jail by an angel, and Harod ends up being killed by