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Not All Entrepreneurs are Bosses

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

One thing I’ve learned in the years of being an entrepreneur: I’m a horrible boss.

No, really!

I’m a great leader, I can instill Vision and confidence and trust like no other. I’m amazing with brainstorming, problem solving, branding and marketing.

But when it comes to managing people, I stink.

BUT WAIT…that’s just fine!

For years I always thought that being an entrepreneur meant being the boss, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Technically, the role of an entrepreneur can be ANYTHING.

Here’s what the role of the entrepreneur is, and the same applies to everyone in your organization: everyone should be doing what that are COMPETENT at.

If you love to bake, and you start a bakery, you will quickly realize that baking takes a back seat when you have to pay the bills, hire the employees and market your services and products. All of the sudden, the whole reason you started a business (to bake delicious delicacies) is now 4th on the list of priorities, and you find yourself stressed and about to give up.

So here’s the solution: 1) make a list of what you love to do, and what you hate to do 2) as fast as possible, partner with or hire someone to do the things you hate doing

As a baker, you should be coming up with new recipes, training other bakers, doing quality control, and always be in the kitchen while occasionally coming out to greet the customers only to take a quick survey of how they like the pastries you made. You’re the superstar!!

We all need to stop living in levels of incompetence and start living lives of meaning.

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