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The Terrible Boss

Updated: May 19, 2021

I’ve admitted to you before: I was a terrible boss.

I love people. Everyone will tell you I’m a very nice guy. But when it comes to being a boss, something wasn’t clicking.

And I’m searching for that reason why…

Today I came across a clue that might help me, and I thought it might help you too.

In the story of Adam and Eve, after they ate from the tree, they were naked. In response, they hid from God and covered themselves with fig leaves.

They sinned, they let God down, they were less than perfect, so they hid.

The legacy of Adam and Eve’s act is that we entrepreneurs are still hiding today. I’m guilty of hiding from my employees when I messed up, things are bad, or even if someone else messed up.

Golfing, food, drug abuse, and sometimes even exercise represent our “fig leaves.”

And even though we’re hiding, God will still ask us “where are you?”.

What are your fig leaves? Next time, stop and realize what you’re doing. Then, ask yourself, WHO do you need to confront or what sin do you need to repent from so that you can stop hiding.

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