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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I started hosting meetings at The Creative Complex. We specified that we were looking for ‘Creatives Only’ in the description. We meant to attract graphic designers, web developers, marketing people, etc.  But instead, what we got was a wizard, a network marketer, a financial planner, and a couple of creatives.

Doesn’t that stink?  When you’ve set out to attract the perfect prospect, the right client, and you get a bunch of randoms?!

But I’ve been struggling with this.  In my heart, I felt that everyone is God’s people, and who knows why God places people in our lives.

As Godpreneurs, we’ve allowed God to be the CEO of our businesses, so we’ve also given Him the authority to bring us whomever of His children He wants us to interact with.

Christ didn’t limit his interactions to the right type of people.  Why should we?

But I’ll admit that I felt a difficulty interacting with those that showed up to my meetup that were out of my comfort zone. I was trying to bring around the people who think and act like me, and ultimately would buy from me.  Selfishness at its finest. Maybe I even think they are ‘beneath’ me and I was resentful that they took up our time.

Although I am going to tighten up the description of the group, I pray that God removes any sense of entitlement I may have, and to allow me to embrace the unexpected people God brings to my entrepreneurial life.

There’s a difference between interacting and actually doing business with.  I think its okay for us to choose to do business with those that are like-minded, but no one is beneath us for a discovery call or even a group Meetup.

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