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Come Up With Specific Topics to Talk About

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

When I got the inspiration to start my blog for Christian entrepreneurs, I started writing down all of these topics that I could write about.

The topics ranged from things I had been through in my business to things I had learned while studying business at Cornell.

I also realized that I could write about topics that I personally needed to make improvements on. How? Because I knew that if I was going to teach someone else about it, I’d need to study what the Word had to say about it, learn it for myself, and then be able to guide others. Writing became a way to improve on areas that I needed to work on, too.

We Christian bloggers can all move into an entirely new way of life because the blog allows us to work from the inside out as we become more like Him because we’re studying and teaching is Word.

A blog allows us to be remade. And the best part is it won’t feel forced! Why? Because we’re asking what He wants us to write about and we’re listening and learning by Him working in us.

A blog allows us to do this process continually, because he also won’t reveal every topic all at once. He’s going to drip it out over time, at the right time.

God teaches and guides us iteratively, through a process that builds on itself through each blog post we write about our lives.

How do we know exactly what to blog about?

The bible says:

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. (Luke 11:9 NIV)

How you get inspired will be different than everyone else because you’re unique and God wants to use you in a different way than me.

But I do know that whatever the topic, when you’re inspired, you have to treat that thought with extraordinary care. You can’t allow it to be forgotten or lost. You need to have a place where you collect them and revisit them.

You can

  1. Have a Google doc you quickly open that has topics

  2. Start a Trello Board with topics

  3. Have a journal, or section of your journal, specifically for topics

You need to preserve those spirit-led thoughts so you have a complete picture possible of who you are and what God wants to you share with others.

So, let’s grab notebook or create a document, one dedicated to the purpose or writing down blog topics (yes, right now!)

Let’s record what God’s revealed to us already. Let’s recall moments when we just knew he was speaking to us—maybe a trusted friend asked a question that there’s an answer to; or the story of a particular person in the Bible stood out from all the rest that can be blogged about; or we sensed God showing us something about ourself, in prayer.

Gather all of these blog topics. Have a way to add more as more ideas come to mind. Protect and preserve them. Let’s return to them . . . and bless others in the world with them through our Christian blog.


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