Where Entrepreneurs Get Help When There's No Help to Be Found

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

In college, I didn’t like my finance and accounting classes. I probably didn’t like them because I wasn’t good at them. I barely scraped by to knock those classes off my list of requirements, knowing I would NEVER become an accountant or be in the financial planning industry.

After college, I started my business, and accounting wasn’t my priority. But since I was the “ivy league” graduate of my partners, I took on the accounting myself. I figured since I had just learned it in college, I was the best of the 3 of us.

Instead of hiring a bookkeeper or paying for monthly accounting service, I decided I would do it all myself to save money. After all, how hard could this be – it’s not like we were a billion-dollar company.

A few years into my company, it came time to files for taxes. I met with a Certified Public Accountant, and he broke the worst news I had ever heard – I owed $15,000 to the IRS in payroll taxes that I had not been paying.

I was devastated.

The accountant told me that I shouldn’t be trying to do things on my own, especially in an area I’m not good at.

That day I sucked up my pride and hired the accountant’s monthly bookkeeping and financial advising services.

We all need help in certain parts of our businesses. There are tasks that we need guidance with, but our ego or pride doesn’t let us ask for help.

Sure, there are things we can save money on by doing ourselves at the beginning of the business, but the least we could do is ask for guidance, read a book, or follow tutorials. We have to be smart enough to realize this journey wasn’t meant to be walked alone.

One problem entrepreneurs can experience is that we think we need to know and do everything on our own since we’re the owners – or else we’d be seen as unqualified to be a business owner. We think that owning a business means we should know it all, so we don’t ask for the help and guidance we need.

But doing things on our own is NOT how God designed us. In fact, in the most famous preaching ever given, Jesus tells us that our entire spiritual walk hinges on the concept of humble dependence – our need for God.

The bible says

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3 NIV)

When Jesus says, “poor in spirit,” he’s talking about people who have come to understand that without God, they are nothing. In other words, the people that are humble enough to admit that they don’t have it all together and need help are the ones that will be blessed.

So how does this apply to your journey as a Godpreneur?

It’s a blessing for you and your business when you recognize you are in need of God’s grace, you are spiritually bankrupt, and you’re a sinner that will take the whole business down if left on your own. Your realization of this danger to your life is what turns you to God because you realize you can’t do what you’re born to do without Him.

One of Jesus’ steps to achieving greatness in business is to have total dependence on God.

When you are in a mindset of dependence, it humbles you, and you see that you’re not as good in certain areas as you might think. We stop pretending to be someone we’re not. We get off our throne and let God take His rightful place in our businesses.

I could imagine how hard it must have been for my accountant or my partners to work with me, Mr. Know-it-all. I wa