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I Don’t Believe in Marketing Anymore

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I’m at a point in my understanding of business that I don’t believe in marketing anymore.

What?!  SHOCKER!

Yeah, I’m over it.

I’m of the opinion that if something is meant to be, people will hear about it and line up to buy it.  It will happen naturally and organically.  It will happen the way it’s supposed to happen.

That doesn’t sit right with some entrepreneurs.

Maybe we love control so much that we feel we need to even control how and when people hear about us?

Maybe we don’t believe our product will be spoken about, so we need to inject some money into pushing the word out?

Maybe we have no clue about how successful products really work?

Everyone says Coca Cola is such a great success because everyone knows about it.  Of course we know about it, they spend 66 cents our of every dollar they get in marketing it right back to you.  Coca Cola is TERRIBLE for us, there is nothing good about it.  It can cause diabetes, kidney stones, and obesity.  But, marketing works.

Instead of marketing, I believe in being MARKED BY GOD.

If you are marked by God, you’re a target for customers he wants and needs you to do business with.  But this means you need to be totally willing, able, and open to the spirit moving you from appointment to appointment.  You have to trust that God is orchestrating an amazing result.

In the book of Acts in the Bible, chapter 8, we read about how Philip, one of the 12 apostles, encountered a high ranking official from Ethiopia (chance encounter), preached the Gospel to him (told him about his product), and that official believed (purchased), and likely went and spread that into Ethiopia amongst other high ranking officials over there.  Then Philip was gone from the scene and off to his next divine appointment.

I’m sure you have similar stories of how sales came out of nowhere.  But they really don’t come from nowhere, they come because you’ve been marked by God.

Godpreneur Rule #28: You don’t need marketing if you’ve been marked by God.

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תגובה אחת

If there was one article that I needed to read, it was this one. I KNEW something was up and I had no idea what the Lord was trying to say until now. Thank you for this!

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