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How to Walk Away From ‘Too-Good-to-Be-True’ Business Deals

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

A friend of mine calls me with a potentially huge project – big money, global brand, lots of room for growth. There was real money backing it, celebrity backing, and somewhat of a vision.

Now, you have to understand that I get pitched ideas every month. I’m in the web and graphic design  game.  Since I create logos and bring the ‘vision to life’, I’m the first guy called when someone gets an amazing (in their mind) idea. I love the position I’m in because I can guide, which is what I enjoy most about what I do.

But when this group came around looking for this totally bizarre idea, something didn’t sit right.  The idea wasn’t really the problem, the idea was a clue to me, a red flag, that I need to watch out here. The biggest issue I was having was the leader of the group, the visionary behind the master plan. He wasn’t right. Something wasn’t clicking.  He wasn’t what I would consider a ‘feel good’ prospect, not for me at least.

But when I heard the money involved, I’ll admit that I began to entertain the idea of working with them, to the point where I set up a follow-up meeting.

Again, I already knew something didn’t sit right with me.  So what I did was thought to myself ‘Ok Alex, what dollar amount would make this project worth the craziness you’re about to go through’. I call this the crazy tax. This is the amount you charge above and beyond what you would normally charge, times 5!

So I did just that.  I proposed a ridiculous proposal to 1) see if they were really serious, and 2) have them go somewhere else with this idea.

I thank God that I haven’t heard from them again.

We all come across situations in our businesses where we might compromise our integrity, break from our normal systems and ways of business just to make a dollar, and take on clients we know we have no good relationship with.

I think it’s ok to want to help people out. But I think it’s more important to listen to that still small voice inside of you that’s saying ‘dont do it’.

But how do we overcome our selfish selves to really listen to the angel on our shoulder? If the money is so good, how?  If the person just seems like they need help, how?.

The Holy Spirit is either steering you towards or away from situations.

First, we must obey and trust, in faith, that by walking away from this opportunity, God is going to being you a much bigger opportunity.  Your obedience brings blessings.

Second, you have to ignore those around you that might say otherwise. In the book of Acts, Chapter 21, Paul is being led by the Holy Spirit to go back to Jerusalem. Even though other well-meaning believers begged him not to go to the city, totally aware that he was walking into his death, Paul felt the spirit telling him to go to Jerusalem, so he did.

You and I have the ability to obey the spirit and make decisions for ourselves as so what clients we should bring on.

You are a Godpreneur. God will bring you business that is right for you, and the Holy Spirit will confirm that they really are from God, or if it’s the enemy trying to attack, divide you, put you in a compromising situation, and take you off your purpose.

Imagine if we all obeyed that still small voice all the time.

Godpreneur Rule #87: The Holy Spirit guides me towards AND away from prospects.

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