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How to Make Wrongs Right in Business

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I’m going to list the things that stress me out the most in business.

  1. When I’m fighting with someone (a client, a partner, even my wife!)

  2. When my clients don’t pick a specific niche group of people to target with their brand (they’re not helping who they are supposed to help)

  3. When I’m not doing tasks surrounding my calling (not doing what God created me to do in my business)

In each of the cases above, there’s a common thread, this is a relationship that is being disrupted, either between people or between people and God.

Business is about relationships. Without relationships, nobody would buy anything from us or work with us. Without a relationship with God, how could we know what our calling is, our purpose in business, our reason for doing all of this?

Why Right the Wrongs

If our relationships aren’t right, it seems like nothing is right….right?

And guess what? That’s by design! God made it this way on purpose. Why? Because being in the right relations with Him and with others is the entire point of the Gospel and our existence in the first place.

If our goal is to get by in business, then we don’t have to worry too much about relationships with others. But if our goal is to achieve the greatness that God set out for us, then that can only happen through the right relationships.

The bible confirms this need for right relations. In the most famous preaching ever given on the planet, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount lays out the eight beatitudes, which are qualities of the people that enjoy special favor from God.

The fourth beatitude is Jesus’ case for righting our wrongs.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. (Matthew 5:6 NIV)

In ancient times, the word righteousness meant “to vindicate, acquit, restore to the right relationship.” So someone who would thirst for righteous was conscious of maintaining the right relationships – with God and with the people around them.

The “RIGHT” Mindset

One of the mindset shifts you have to make to achieve greatness in business is to genuinely hunger for right relationships for the sake of blessing others, and not to meet your own needs. You can only form proper relationships with others when you stop making all your business moves revolve around yourself – something that goes against the natural tendencies of an entrepreneur.

And remember, it’s not just about having the right relations with other people, but also with God. If you’re not in your calling, the business God created you correctly to start, then something’s going to be off because you’re not honoring the relationship between the potter and the clay. If God is saying go right, and you’re going left, the relationship is broken, and something isn’t right.

3 Keys to Developing Righteousness

So how can you develop a thirst for righteousness as a Godpreneur?

For starters, you can’t do it with your strength. Jesus’ beatitudes are laid out in order because one must be absorbed before the other. You must

  1. recognize your need for help (Matthew 5:3),

  2. hurt for your unrighteousness (Matthew 5:4)

  3. and become more gentle-hearted (Matthew 5:5)

Once you can make any bit of progress in the three beatitudes above, you will be able to hunger and thirst for righteousness in your business relationships and level up on one of the greatest qualities in highly successful entrepreneurs: the art of making right out of wrong situations.

As Godpreneurs, we always need to guard our relationships with people and our relationships with God. Relationships are so important that even before we can make things right with God, we have to go and make things right with any people we’re fighting with (Matthew 5:23-24).

When we make it one of our top priorities to serve God and serve others by taking a stance against injustices that disrupt relationships, we can take part in changing the landscape of the entire planet in so many areas where this is needed.

In your business, are there any wrongs in your marketplace that you hunger to see, right?

My prayer is for God to reveal to you how to be an instrument of righteousness in places where you have influence.


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