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How to Have Your Clients Crying That Your Service is Over

My company makes logos and websites for clients.  There’s a clear beginning: you give me deposit, I’ll start.  There’s also a clear end: you pay your final bill and I hand over the working website.

Clearly there are hundreds of other steps in between that need to happen in order to satisfy the client, and even some opportunities to go above and beyond and deliver a wow experience.

I’ve had clients begging me to keep working with them after we’re done.  I’ve had other clients not pick up my calls anymore because they want to hear nothing about me ever again.

I began to analyze what were the differences between both experiences, and what could I have done differently.

We all want our clients to talk great things about us, be happy with our service, and feel like they got everything they paid for.

Although we can’t please everyone always, I feel there are things we can do to be working towards 100% satisfaction.

In the book of Acts chapter 20, Paul is saying his final goodbye’s to certain cities that he preached at.  He knows that his time on earth is coming to an end and that this could be the last time he sees people. He spends as much time as he can with them, keeps teaching and healing until the final moments, and as he’s leaving, they are crying.

The goal in the end is that your client is practically CRYING because it’s over.  They wish it could continue, they will miss the time spent together, they will tell others about their experience.

In order to create this outcome, I’ve discovered a couple of keys to consider.

  1. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.  I’ve had moments in the middle of a project where I thought I was going to get fired.  But we course-corrected, made up for the problems, and over-delivered in the end.  Clients will forget what happened at the beginning and middle as long as they get what they wanted in the end.

  2. Over delivering:  it’s important to give clients more than what they paid for.  I love the Baker’s dozen.  The Baker throws in an extra bagel or two.  You paid for 12, but you get 13 or 14.  That feels great Everytime.  It never gets old.  I always feel like I’ve been over delivered.

  3. Life changing: your service needs to do one of 4 things.  It needs to either help your client save time, save money, learn a new skill, or provide them clarity in their life.  If you can nail this, you’ve got a client for life!

You and I have the ability to do this in our business. But we really have to CARE that our clients experience our product or service, and you have to believe that what you have will help them and that you were born to bring this service to them.

We have to feel called, purposed to do this.  Having a calling for it will force us to create the meticulous tasks and process that it takes to creating a crying experience!

Godpreneur Rule #76: Godpreneurs look to create a life-changing experience for their clients.

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