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How I went from Entrepreneur to Godpreneur – You Can Too

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

One day I was promoting nightclubs.

The next day I was promoting my church.

It happened just like that.

When God had his encounter with me, Alex, the event promoter entrepreneur, he made it clear to me that I was working for the wrong team.  Instead of helping people to find their identity in the nightlife, I was given the mandate to help people find their identity in daily life.

My marketing business, Creative Complex, eventually did the same 180-degree turn.

I didn’t just work for churches, that’s not what I was called to do.  Weather a church or a lawyer, I was called to help businesses find their purpose, their why, their reason for existence.

That’s what branding is: it’s taking an identity within and expressing it outside.  The crazy part is that I was already branding people and companies, but now I had a bigger purpose and calling over my business.  Now my business had PURPOSE.

We Godpreneurs have had a moment in our life where God wants us to realize where our businesses can be used for His purpose, not our own.

We all have a way in which God is going to use our past for his present and future.  It doesn’t matter if you were doing nightlife, pornography, strip clubs, drug dealing….NOTHING IN THE PAST MATTERS, but instead God is going to use it all for His purpose and tie it all in some crazy way that will make you say “WHAT?!?! OMG!!!!”

But how can we see God in our past?  How can we put the pieces of the puzzle together to see where God has been?

Let me give you my example and an example from the Bible, I believe this will help you.

Get this: I was a nightclub promoter, trying to get people into clubs.  The clubs are a dark place, nothing good comes out of them.  It’s a place for lost people, like I used to be.  But then, God transformed me in 2008, then I started inviting those same people to church.  The church is a place for lost people.  So the same exact people I was developing relationships and friendships in the club, were now seeing me at church and I was inviting them with me.  THE SAME PEOPLE!  Do you see how God is always setting us up for something great?  No matter how dark your past is, he is working on it right now!

This is the same thing that happened to Saul on the road to Damascus in Acts Chapter 9.  Saul was the guy jailing people who were followers of Christ. He had an encounter with Christ, he is converted and then called to be a promoter of Christ.  So from one moment to the next, Saul (who became Paul, who wrote half the new testament) went from jailing people to meeting with those same exact people and starting churches in different cities.

Can you see how if this can happen to me, it can, and probably has, happened to you?

Connect the dots, you’ll see.

I want to hear your stories of converting, and how God transformed you from an entrepreneur to a Godpreneur!

Godpreneur Rule #136: God will use our past business for His business.

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