Hashtags for Brands Targeting Christian Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jan 13

For the last several months I’ve been building up my Instagram following for @dailygodpreneur. My goal was to connect with other like-minded Instagrammers. I wasn’t the savviest at using hashtags, but I quickly learned they are a great way to find others and be found.

If you use Instagram like me, you’re a casual user that posts pictures of your family and activities. You’re not too into the hashtag world.

But if we’re putting our time into creating services, products, or content that we want the world to see, then sharing that with hashtags is a great way to get the word out there.

Most people use hashtags to simply add on more content to their descriptions such as: “My vacation was amazing” #ilovetotravel #iloveairplanes. {Jimmy Fallon did a great #hashtag skit}

As business owners, we should want our content to be found by our target market and to find other like-minded communities. Sharing a well-used hashtag is the key.

You can find several good articles in regards to the best and most frequented hashtags.

But for me, my focused niche is Christian entrepreneurs wanting to grow in their relationship with Christ and bring God into their businesses.

As I searched around Google, I realized there wasn’t much content about Christian entrepreneur hashtags to connect on Instagram, so I decided to come up with a resource for us. Try them out, find some new followers, and grow your community online!

**DISCLAIMER** Sometimes spammers will find well-used hashtags to spread ads or worse, porn. Even something as simple as #love. So before using a very general hashtag, check it out before your follower's click. Also, if you’re a private person, you may not want to use hashtags. Remember using hashtags is a way for you to be FOUND by strangers.

Hashtags for Brands Targeting Christian Entrepreneurs

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