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Knowing is Half the Battle

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

My brother passed away in 2008. He was 33, and I was 28. I was at the beginning of my entrepreneurial career.

Life has been dramatically different since that day. The loss of my brother meant that partnership was over and new bonds would need to take its place.

My business partners may know a lot about me. The question is: do they really understand me?

As partners in business, we may have our facts straight about the person we’ve teamed up with, but knowing them on a deep level is where God wants – no – needs us to be.

The bible says:

"Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn". Romans 12:15 NIV

If you’re not careful to understand your partner emotionally, you could be missing out on opportunities for tremendous growth and progress because you fail to see why they make decisions and what makes them tick.

Do my partners really understand how my brother’s death affects me, even today? Do they know moments in business that remind me of him and how it affects my decision-making? If a tear comes to my eye, will they be compassionate with me?

Many of us Godpreneurs in partnerships experience conflict because we treat events in our partner’s lives as facts about them. But we don’t truly understand out those moments have shaped their lives and impact their behavior in business even today.

We need more than acknowledge our partners pain from a distance.

Imagine if all of us Godpreneurs in partnerships were compassionate like the Lord, present with them in the midst of the emotional challenges from their past that affect the business today.


Finding Purpose In Your Business Partnership

You and your business partner are unique individuals and God is creative in the way He wants to use both of your gifts together.


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