Godpreneurs vs. A-hole Entrepreneurs

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I was reading Psalm 37, and it dawned on me that God was juxtaposing two different people throughout the chapter: the wicked vs. the righteous.

Many times in business, we come across entrepreneurs who know how to make money, drive nice cars, and spit a good game when you first meet them, but then they turn out to be big a-holes (that's "asshole" for those that don't know).

We need to study Psalm 37 closely for two reasons.

  1. So we know who we are NOT to become (or, for some of us, what we need to change from)

  2. So we know who to AVOID doing business with (or be aware of the ministry work you might be jumping into)

The Bible describes them as wicked because they are far from God. Today, we wouldn't necessarily call them wicked. I don't use that word a lot. Instead, we call them business owners who are dictators, pompous, selfish, arrogant, prideful, narcissistic, and more synonyms in that line.

I've been in the situation of avoiding these wicked-type entrepreneurs. However, I've also been in a situation where I simply can't avoid them - God put me there to show them about Jesus and potentially guide them to righteousness.

Let's dive in and study the New Living Translation (NLT) of Psalm 37. I will use my #GodpreneurMethod and insert business terms using (parentheses) within the verses so the chapter becomes personal to our entrepreneurial experience.

Don't Envy A-hole Entrepreneurs.

(From Psalms 37:1‭-‬6)