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Jesus Wants to Heal us on this Pilgrimage of Entrepreneurship!

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

I’ve launched and re-launched many businesses of my own since 2000. The journey is different each time, but the fact that I learn from my past makes the next journey different.

When I started walking with God in 2008, launching entrepreneurial ventures took on a new light because I was inviting God into the process with me.

What I noticed, thereafter, was an amazing revelation – Jesus would begin to heal me of my past experiences to help me be stronger in my future endeavors.

See, before, when I would launch a new business venture, I brought a lot of past pain, hurts, frustrations, and expectations. The business would do good for a bit, but eventually, that past caught up to me, and the business would suffer. Old wounds would sabotage partnerships, client relationships, and even my ability to innovate.

We Entrepreneurs have a choice when we decided to embark on the pilgrimage of launching and growing a God-First business: we can do it by carrying the weight of our past, or we can partner with Jesus to be spiritually healed and move forward with a new light.

The bible says:

"And the people all tried to touch him, because power was coming from him and healing them all". (Luke 6:19 NIV)

While Jesus was leading His own pilgrimage of launching the church, the people recognized that, through him, they could receive healing. The healing empowered their faith more, and of those around them, and they could follow him more closely and experience life in a whole new way.

In the say way, you have the chance to launch and grow your business as if Jesus had just given you new legs and new eyes!

But, if you were honest with yourself, there are likely areas that we haven’t given over to Jesus yet for healing. Launching a business WITH God is the perfect opportunity to let God do some healing of past business hurts. THAT’S THE POWER OF LAUNCHING WITH JESUS!

See, God is using your entrepreneurial venture to heal you! The pilgrimage of starting and growing a business can reveal the areas you still haven’t surrendered, and Jesus can pull you to the side of the road when you’re ready to call out to him! Jesus wants to heal us on this pilgrimage of entrepreneurship!

But we Godpreneurs need to be careful to not let our pride, rebellion or bitterness keep us from God working on certain areas of our life. Our businesses growth and success depend on us overcoming anything that be holding us back from more!

Remember, the enemy only exists to keep you from achieving everything that God has for you in your business. The enemy will keep you blind to your own hurts. But thank God we can be set free from that, and launching and growing a business is just another tool God can use to show us grace and mercy!

When Godpreneurs are ready to be fully spiritual healed, we have to be willing to write down the answer to questions like “God, what hurts am I carrying into this venture?” Be honest with recognizing addictions and flaws that you know God wants to deal with, and let Him do it through your business.

Maybe this is your 2nd or 5th business venture, and you want things to be different this time around. If you want a new experience, you need to be a new you. Let God make the adjustments to your Godpreneurial career through the pilgrimage of business ownership.


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