Finally, I’m Launching My Idea – Advice 3: Close Door, Open Door

I had a branding agency for 11 years.  It was my first real business.  At one point we were a team of 16 and business was great!

But there were many times where something happened and the business was on the verge of shutting down. For years, I was barely getting by and I couldn’t figure out why. I tried reading books, going to classes, getting involved in masterminds, yet nothing significantly changed.

Then one day, I felt God saying I needed to shut down a certain department in my company.  I had already been wanting to do it, but now is was confirmed.

Business BOOMED a couple of months after that. It was incredible what shutting one door does for another the God opens.

A few years after that, it happened again. I felt the need to shut the business down completely because God had something bigger and better for me.

And He did. That’s why I’m where I’m at today. Had I kept it going, I wouldn’t have had the time or capacity to enter into the new amazing things God had in store for me.

We entrepreneurs tend to hold on to things. We have the pride of ownership. We feel like failures if we shut down. We have a tough time letting go of something we birthed.  We think the world will see us as someone who shifts from business to business, unstable and unsure of ourselves.

But that’s not the way God sees it.

Some of you are at a point tight now where the business isn’t going great and you’re deciding if this is the point where God is saying FIGHT IT and keep this thing open or CLOSE IT because I have something better for you.

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