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Lead And Follow From Jesus Perspective.

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

From elementary school, I can always remember being in some kind of leadership position. I liked to be president of the student government or captain of my team.

And even now, I like to lead growth groups, lead my companies, and lead this Godpreneur movement. I enjoy being in the driver’s seat.

But can I admit that I love NOT being the leader, too? Many times, leading is exhausting! And oftentimes, others are better suited for it than I am. Not leading gives me the opportunity to rest in someone else’s work, submit to their authority over the situation, and give them the credit for succeeding.

As owners of our businesses, we entrepreneurs are so used to leading our organizations that we feel we have to lead everything. Oftentimes, I think this can lead to leadership fatigue, pride, and a slow-down in our true potential.

God didn’t design us to lead alone. He designed is to follow his lead and be empowered to lead others through the spirit. We can find rest from our own feelings of leadership responsibility if we can understand that Jesus came to bring a message, and when he left, he left us with the ability to lead in peace by following him.

The bible says

God has raised this Jesus to life, and we are all witnesses of it. Exalted to the right hand of God, he has received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit and has poured out what you now see and hear. (Acts 2:32‭-‬33 NIV)

When Jesus ascended into heaven, it started his leadership role as king over every living thing, including me and you. He triumphed over Satan, sin, and death. He left us his holy spirit and sits to the right hand of God to lead us all.

This is significant to you because you don’t have to do anything in your business to earn God’s love. You and your business are redeemed to God and you can freely transact in the marketplace with honor and glory as a child of God.

Jesus’ ascension means that you don’t have to battle your sins and kill your demons… Jesus does that because he rules over all. It means that you don’t have to try to kick that habit or keep trying to top that unethical thing you’re doing in your business…. Jesus does that for us. We just need to submit to his authority and let him lead every area of our personal and business life.

Jesus’ new authority means that we don’t have to be the leaders of everything! It frees us Godpreneurs to let someone else finally lead! I don’t know about you, but that’s a big relief to me!

The holy spirit within us can now do the heavy lifting while we focus on doing what we were born to do – God’s purpose for our existence.

When we take the passenger seat let Jesus drive our businesses we can rest. Work doesn’t have to be the stressful, draining workout that it oftentimes is when we feel all alone.

When we give up our authority and let Jesus be the CEO, we submit to his plans and stop having to stress over decision-making and worrying about going in the wrong direction. We can now ask ourselves “Is Jesus Lord over this business decision?” It’s like asking “based on what I know about my CEO, would he approve this?” I don’t know about you, but this relieves a lot of stress in my life. The more I let go and let God lead, the better leader I become to my followers.

When I stop trying to figure out things on my own and realize that God already ordained my calling, it frees me up to only do what I was born to do – which is to be the light of God in a marketplace that needs to see more of Him. Every Godpreneur’s primary calling is to be a witness of the transformation that is available to everyone who follows Christ. When our products and services have to reflect this, we are set up to feel the meaning and significance of entrepreneurship and true living.

Imagine the day where we are all so spirit-filled that the marketplace is flooded with leaders who are all following the authority of Jesus and empowers to create amazing products and services the spirit?

It’s already happening. We know when we’re doing business with a company that’s spirit-filled because the fruit is evident in their products and services. Think Chick-fil-A.

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