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Children's Devotional: Budgeting, God's Way

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Parent Instructions: If you're teaching your child entrepreneurship or doing a business together, read this devotional to them. I wrote this to teach my son Aiden about budgeting. Aiden and I have a snail shell air plant business together.


Budgeting, God’s Way

Aiden loved to buy Nintendo games and candy, but he always seemed to run out of money from his business before the end of the month. His dad noticed this and decided to teach him about budgeting.

First, he showed Aiden how to make a list of all his business and personal expenses, such as toys, candy, Nintendo games, business supply costs, and giving to God and charities. Then, he helped him figure out how much money he had coming in from his snail shell business.

Next, he taught him to separate and save for his expenses by making an envelope for each item on his list. Like, he had an envelope for God, for charity, for vacations, for toys, and Nintendo games. Finally, he showed him how to make sure he put money in each envelope and save up enough money until he had enough to buy what he wanted.

From then on, Aiden always made sure to budget his the money coming in from his business. He was able to give to God, buy the things he wanted, and save up for vacation money! He learned that budgeting is important because it helps you make sure you save up money for the things you need and the things you want.

Just like Aiden, we all need to learn how to budget our money so we can make sure we have enough for the important things and still have some left over for the things we want.


Dear Lord, thank you for the blessings of money from our businesses and all that it can provide for us. Help us to be wise stewards of all that you have given us. Amen.


Luke 16:10 “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.”


Talk to your kids to explain that budgeting is taking care of the money that comes in so that God can trust us with more!


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