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20/20 Vision Requires you to Stay Alert

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to have a ‘successful’ week and want to reward ourselves. It’s so simple to look at last week’s amazing numbers and say “let’s go out for a steak dinner.”

Rewarding yourself and going out for a steak dinner takes you off the vision you’ve set for yourself.

One of the most important positions in medieval times was the night guard, protecting the castle at night in case of an invasion.  It required his vision to be clear, unadulterated by his phone, social media games, sleepiness, etc.  If he closed his eyes for a second, that’s when the enemy could attack.

Just when you think everything is fine, and the reports are coming back that the cancer is gone, the weight you wanted to reach is here, the contract you’ve been waiting for was signed, don’t rest.  Stay alert.

How many books are you reading this month?

How many blog posts have you read about your specific industry?

When you get on the phone with a new vendor or prospect today, what NEW information are you going to bring to the table? What will make you look like “Man, this dude is up-to-date on everything!”?

Staying alert means keep up with the trends.

Staying alert is knowing your competition is on your tail.

Staying alert is realizing that your clients are always looking for a better deal, better service, better quality.

Why stay alert?  Because not staying alert will produce HURT.

Hurt your pocket, hurt your relationships, hurt your reputation, and hurt your ability to succeed.

Stay alert….don’t get hurt.

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