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  • The Secret Weapon of Successful Entrepreneurs: Learning to Say "No!"

    premier choice for their branding and marketing because I can show that I'm strictly committed to their success Let us be entrepreneurs who not only build successful businesses but also build them on the solid foundation

  • Why More Success Won't Solve Discontentment

    Have you ever looked around, seen others' success, and asked yourself, 'When will it be my turn to flourish on my journey as an entrepreneur, I can see times when I got caught up in the pursuit of more - more success In the entrepreneurial world, success is often measured by the size of our bank accounts or the luxury Together, we can redefine success, moving away from the shallow metrics of wealth and towards the deep

  • Envying Another Entrepreneur's Success? Here's the Cure.

    Scrolling through my social media, I'm constantly bombarded by successes and highlights of other entrepreneurs How many times have we looked at another entrepreneur's success story on LinkedIn or Instagram and felt The age of digital identity, with polished company websites and success narratives on social media, has The constant stream of other's success stories can sometimes overshadow our own journeys and God-given Imagine a community of Godpreneurs where we lift each other up, celebrate each other's successes, and

  • Why Your Character Defines Your Success in Business

    book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he was on a quest to truly understand the nature of success and never finishing what I start, then people aren't going to trust me and I'll have a difficult time succeeding

  • Stop Grinding 24/7! Learn Why Jesus Embraced Rest for Success!

    In our relentless pursuit of success, we often forget a simple truth: sometimes, the best way to achieve Aren't I justified working until 2 am to make sure it's a huge success so that I can pay my bills? This example illustrates how a leading global company successfully incorporates rest into its corporate

  • The Secret to Success – God’s Way

    As I grow deeper in my faith with God, I’m reminded about the concept of success, and how I try to avoid See, my definition of success is money in the bank. So what is God’s definition of success? Here it is: Success God’s way is not judging each day by the amount of money I make, but by the seeds God has taught me many times that success in entrepreneurship does not happen overnight.

  • You’re Too Successful When…

    Success feels so great at the top. But, we must not forget (or let our employees forget) that all of our business successes are blessings But you’re too successful when you forget to give credit where credit is due. On Instagram I read a lot of memes that have awesome “success” quotes. Most are very inspiring.

  • Say Goodbye to Financial Stress: Unlock God's Wisdom for Business Success!

    plan is designed to help you align your financial decisions and business pursuits with Bible-based success Imagine having a roadmap that guides you to success, while keeping your faith at the center of your entrepreneurial Removing the Stress of Money in Your Business," and how it can guide you toward financial freedom and success

  • Having Realistic Expectations for Success

    the next level when you realize that this is all a lesson in balancing the yearning of your blog’s success #ChristianBloggers #BusinessBibleStudy #GodpreneurAcademy Keys to Successful Christian Blogging In this course, I'll give you some keys God taught me about how to write a successful Christian blog.

  • Keys to Successful Christian Business Blogging

    COURSE HERE [What’s in it for me?] When running a Christian blog, know Jesus is shaping your every word through your faith. As Godpreneurs we are not meant to talk to every single person just because of our Christian background, we have the duty to reach out to a specific group of people that share our same beliefs, by narrowing our market, we are aiming for a specific demographic. This way we are honoring what God made us out to be in the first place, by reaching out to the people we believe we can help through everything we have learned and continue to learn. A smaller demographic means less responsibility, which translates into better help and a better resolution of problems. TAKE COURSE HERE #GodpreneurAcademy #BusinessBibleStudy #ChristianBloggers

  • Slacker Employees: How to Handle Them for Success

    I’m one of those entrepreneurs that has bought into the mentality of “nobody can do it better than I can.” So when someone did or handled something differently, it was often less trouble for me to just go ahead and do their task for them! The problem with this is that I’m enabling my employees or contractors to ‘slack’ if I continue on like this. They will know that I’ll come in to fix things up, so they perform with such expectations. The bigger issue comes from my reading today in proverbs: PRO 18:9 says “One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys.” So not only am I wasting time doing work I shouldn’t be doing, I’m also putting my employees in a vulnerable position of being a slacker. Although it may require more from us as entrepreneurs, we are doing our employees a far greater service when we resist doing something they need to do for themselves. I’ll admit that most of the times I take over a project or task, its my own fault because I didn’t give enough training, instruction or deadline. We are serving our employees best when we are pouring into them, teaching them our “secrets” and spending extra time with them when we notice they did something we would have done differently…not just taking over the task. I need to redefine what it means to serve our employees. God instructs leaders to teach their followers how to handle responsibility. Let's serve our team by teaching them how to be the best. #SharpenLeadership

  • 6 Healthy Boundaries in Successful Business Partnerships

    For me, several factors contribute to my success in a business venture, and one of them is partnering I honestly and earnestly sought for the Holy Spirit to show me because I know God wanted me to succeed We all want successful businesses, and we all would love it if we could find the best partner to do that Setting boundaries in business partnerships can be uncomfortable, but to create and operate a successful

  • Successful Businesses Have United Workforces

    In my company Creative Complex, we’re united to help entrepreneurs find their God-given identity…what they were born to do!  We do this by, first, making it very clear that to have a calling on your life, there must be a ‘caller’.  We’re not ashamed to talk about Jesus and share our testimonies of how the way our business USED TO BE, to how it is now.  In fact, for us to do the best possible work for our clients, we MUST tap into the spirit of our clients. We’re not crazy….OK, maybe we are!  We’re nuts about our clients understanding that in order to create a great brand, we must get to the core of why the company and entrepreneur exist!  Every person on my team, from my executive assistant to my graphic designer overseas, knows the plans we have as a company to reach over 10,000 entrepreneurs with our message. THIS IS NOT A PLUG FOR MY COMPANY. I tell you this to say that we are all united under one message and one cause: spread our message. When we entrepreneurs can find a message and a cause, we have the opportunity to unite people in our cause and create a movement. Some of us think that people are motivated by money.  We think that people are moved by bonuses, perks, or cool products to sell. And if we are motivated by these things ourselves, our workforce will be too. But God left a blueprint for uniting a workforce and creating a movement. In the second chapter of the book of Acts, God sends down the holy spirit into all the believers, uniting them under ONE CAUSE: Jesus, and spreading that love. The uniting work of the Spirit of God through the preaching of the gospel to the nations, in turn, brought about the knitting together of a new community of believers. Those who believed the gospel were all together and had everything in common. These new converts sat at the feet of those who had been taught by Jesus (Acts 2:40-47). The secret to a united workforce is that everyone must be preaching the same message.  What’s your company’s message?  Usually this is called your mission, vision or purpose statements.  All together, these form the key message you’re putting out. In my business, we’ve been able to tie our message into the same message of the gospel!  Heck, I feel like I’m killing two birds with one stone: I’m giving them a brand AND spreading the gospel!  When people do business with me, I want them to feel like they are doing business with Jesus, with a company that brings light and love.  I want my clients to have purpose! There is only ONE SPIRIT.  The closer we can tie our company mission to this one spirit, the closer we come to the one-ness we Godpreneurs are seeking in our lives. Godpreneur Rule #37: we seek for our businesses to be one spirit with God, and go out and spread that message to the world. #BusinessBibleStudy #SharpenLeadership #FindMyCalling

  • Why Copying Successful Entrepreneurs Can Make You Worst Off

    When I started my first business in 2005, I imitated some of my "seemingly" successful clients in their As social media grew and access to content on YouTube and online courses became more prevalent, I started As success-driven entrepreneurs, we're always looking for an edge in business, so we're out there at

  • Want to Be Successful? God Wants You to Focus on One Thing.

    it's strengthening their faith because it's reminding them that God is love and is for them and their success

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