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Unlocking Your Business Launch: 17 Days of Devotionals for Breaking Barriers and Finding Success

Are you on the verge of launching your business but feeling weighed down by fears, obstacles, or even financial stress? If you're nodding your head, then I've got something fantastic to share with you today.

Godpreneur Academy's third stage of their comprehensive roadmap, "The Path to Godpreneurship," focuses entirely on preparing you for a successful launch.

This isn't just another set of tutorials. These are devotionals — a unique blend of Biblical wisdom and business acumen. Imagine you're a busy entrepreneur, always racing against time.

What if you could take just a few minutes each day for the next 17 days to grow both in your faith and your business? This unique devotional journey is designed precisely for that.

So let's dive in and explore these five incredible devotionals that make up the "Launch" stage.

If you're holding back because of doubts or fears, this plan will embolden you with the confidence to step forward.

Learn how to articulate the unique story behind your brand, which is essentially a testimony to God’s role in your entrepreneurial journey.

Explore how to navigate the complexities of partnerships through a Biblical lens. Learn how to turn conflicts into constructive dialogues.

Ambition can either make or break your business. Find out how to channel your ambition in a godly way.

Discover how a faith-backed approach to finances can remove stress and elevate your business.


And there you have it! These devotionals in the "Launch" stage are designed to tackle all those issues that have been keeping you awake at night, hindering your progress. Godpreneur Academy's full journey, "The Path to Godpreneurship," is a meticulously crafted roadmap covering every stage of your entrepreneurial journey—from Awareness to Expansion.

Are you ready to take the next step? Visit and consider joining the Academy. Your business and spiritual life will thank you for it.

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