Wix is the Easiest Website Builder for Entrepreneurs

I’ve been making websites since 2005.  I’ve been through all types of coding languages and website builders.  I’ve made over 250 websites in my career….and counting.

I’m always in search of the best website platform for small businesses.

What I’m about to write below isn’t a promotion for Wix.  Even though they do pay me to send them business, I’m writing this article because I myself made the switch from WordPress to Wix for me and all of my clients.  I didn’t do it because they pay me.  I did it because it’s literally the easiest website builder on the planet, and I can launch businesses in HOURS using it.


7 Reasons Why Wix is the Easiest Website Builder for Entrepreneurs

Thinking about starting a business?

Or maybe you’re sick of your old website and you’re thinking about a new site?

Undergoing a website build-out can be one of the most FRUSTRATING experiences for an entrepreneur.  Regardless of it being your first or 2nd website, you could end up hating the website developer and hating your website.

I believe this happens because we dream way too big for our websites at the beginning. I always coach my entrepreneurs that we first need to put up a 1-page website that is the why, who, what, when, where of your product or service.

Enter Wix.com.

Wix is one of the easiest and most popular website builders on t