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Where Is God Taking My Business?

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

I run an identity agency. This means my company creates brands. Logos, websites, and all that jazz. In the “marketing and advertising” industry, the measure of success is how much money you’re charging your clients. He who bills the most is seen as the “top” of the industry.

I’ve fallen prey to this mentality at times. It's easy to get wrapped up in it. I would make decisions based on who is going to pay me the most. My marketing becomes about attracting the highest paying clients. My prayers become about bringing in the big fish.

Sometimes we ask God to give us wisdom in making business decisions, but we really just want Him to rubber-stamp our plans and desires. Unfortunately, we may not realize the degree to which our desires are influenced by an entrepreneurial culture that glorifies money, power, beauty, and fame.

The key to knowing God’s will is knowing God. Therefore, the first step is to learn about His character and purposes. They are usually in direct opposition to the character and purposes of the world!

"Keep in mind that our hearts are deceitful." (Jer. 17:9)

And we Godpreneurs must lean on the Holy Spirit, speaking to us through prayer and Bible study, to expose areas where we may be rationalizing selfish motives.

You may be in the same situation I’m in, chasing after the cultural norms of our industries. But we are called to be different, called to be the light. And if God takes care of the birds in the sky’s, won’t He take care of our businesses…His businesses, really!.

Here’s the plan. Stick to the morning bible readings and continue getting to know God every day. Don’t worry about chasing the money dream, it will take care of itself if you do the work God is assigning to you.

Godpreneur Rule#57: When you know the character of God, His will for your business will become clearer.

Suggested reading: God As He Longs For You To See Him by Chip Ingram.

Write any other suggested readings on the character of God in the comments below.

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