Suppressing the Entrepreneur's Ego, God's Way

Updated: Jan 30

A friend of mine once gave me a powerful metaphor that I've never forgotten. He said,

Alex, everyone has two wolves in their minds: a good wolf and a bad wolf. Every day, every waking moment, they are battling each other. The one that WINS is the one WE feed.

I've never let go of this vivid image. I've taken the story further in my mind. I've imagined a cage in a dark dungeon in my mind with a huge padlock. Inside this cage is a starved, skinny, frail, near-death bad, bad wolf. This wolf is so weak; he can't even stand up. Any moment, he could die.

But the bad wolf never dies. Why? Because every once in a while, I throw it a bone.

If we are staying present and at the moment is great for us business owners, but not if that present moment is being controlled by the bad wolf - the enemy's way of starving the good wolf and feeding itself.

No entrepreneur wants to be miserable, yet many of us are unhappy for short or long periods. The cause of this is the enemy's control of our present moment - instead of the Holy Spirit.

Scientists call this culprit the "ego." Psychology has described it as a part of your mind that controls our thoughts and behavior without us noticing.

Since we cannot easily observe the "ego," most entrepreneurs don’t know the extent to which the enemy takes control at certain moments in our businesses. For example, if we later reflect on a dispute with a business partner or employee, we may notice (and perhaps regret) that we overreacted. Yet, we simply weren’t aware of anything influencing or controlling our thinking and behavior in the thick of the dispute.

In the Spirit, we would NOT have reacted that way. Impossible. But the enemy came to rob us of our PRESENT joy and happiness and replace it with depression, anger, fear, pride, and a host of other synonymously negative thoughts.

The Bible and Ego