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Podcasting to Build Your Christian Personal Brand

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

I have friends that religiously listen to podcasts. Personally, I used to listen to them more, but I’m more into video content. However, podcasting is enormous, and it’s here to stay.

It’s not surprising that podcasts are popular. For us personal brands, there’s a low cost to producing them. For consumers, it’s easy to find something extremely targeted that they are interested in listening to. The possibility of building a tribe through niche audiences through the medium makes it the perfect vehicle for those who would like to create a powerful Christian personal brand.

I have a dual approach to the world of podcasting. I have my show on Soundcloud, and I’m frequently a guest on other people’s podcasts. Both ways have helped me grow a following and get my message across.

The Bible says

But he said to them, “I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns as well; for I was sent for this purpose.” (Luke 4:43 ESV)

When building a Christian personal brand, your business should be to spread Christ's fame in every place and to use our influence in guiding listeners to God’s word, and that your message may positively serve someone’s life.

If you’re up for the challenge, podcasting is undoubtedly a medium the Lord created for you to build a following to bring people to himself.

There are two ways we can leverage the power and clout of podcasts to get our message in front of the right people. One is by starting your podcast. The second option would be to get invited to someone else’s podcast as a guest.

1) Creating Your Own Show

My show is Daily Godpreneur with Alex Miranda ( It’s been powerful to run a personal brand podcast. I get to host my own show and tailor the content any way I feel the spirit leading me towards.

And, podcasting is not that difficult nor that costly - music to my ears! It doesn’t take much to get the right microphone on Amazon and start sharing and spreading your message.

By now, in this book, you’ve likely found the message that will set you apart in the Christian personal branding space. To help you best share your testimony and teach your message to your target audience, you need to first decide on a format that perfectly suits your brand.

The 4 Options Are:

Solo host. A trendy style. You’re the host of your own show, and you take it wherever you want to take it. There’s an outline to the presentation; however, you’re more freestyle.

Interview style. I get asked to be a guest on other podcasts because their style is the interview style. This format will add an exciting element to a show and allow you to leverage influencers to help build your follower count.

Narrative style. This one is my style. It’s story-driven podcasting. It’s inspirational. It’s based on a message I want to share with the world. Each one is almost a mini-sermon. That is the toughest, though. It will need a significant amount of editing, so a cohesive story is put together.

Multi-host format. My partners and I always talk about hosting a show for Christian entrepreneurs to listen to for lunch. We haven’t pulled the trigger, but I always think it would be cool to host a show with them. It is ideal for your listeners to get more than one perspective or input about the topic at hand.

2) Be A Guest On Other Podcasts

Getting interviewed, especially on top podcasts in the Christian entrepreneur space, can wonders for your brand. However, you first need to get on the radar of those top podcasters and give them a reason to have you over. While this can seem challenging, it’s pretty easy once you know-how.

Start by:

Researching the top podcasts in your niche.

Listen and study the shows you want to appear in.

Craft a fantastic pitch.

Follow up

Like with most things in life, consistency will determine what you can get out of podcasting.


P.S. I did a Business bible study called 7 Steps to Launching Your Christian Personal Brand. Check it out:

This business Bible study will help you launch a God-first personal brand that will help you strategically, financially, and personally.

Developing your personal brand starts with launching something new and completely different from what you already have.

Also, coaches and Christian business leaders, you can use, edit, and repurpose the teachings for your own tribe! Check it out.

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