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Staying Positive Even When Going Through Hard Times

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

I go through times where I feel alone, down on myself, discontent with the direction of my business, and it affects my writing. I lose motivation, I miss a few days of writing, and I take a break from the journey I’m on.

My feelings of unhappiness and low spirits usually come from a combination of home life and business life. Something at home is out of sync at the same time as something in my business took a turn for the bad.

For a short time, what it feels like is that something has sucked the life out of me, leaving me paralyzed and blind.

We Christian business bloggers all go through times where we feel lost in the wilderness during a thunderstorm. It could be related to the blogging side of our life, our personal life, or our other revenue-generating businesses.

How do we get out? How can we stay positive, even when everything around us is falling apart?

Jesus has an answer. He says we need to “have life.”

The bible says:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10 NIV)

The enemy doesn’t want your writings to be published. Why? Because your blogging is going to help many entrepreneurs draw closer to God. He doesn’t want you to be doing what God’s called you to do.

So what can you do to combat the enemy’s attacks?

You have to hold on to God’s promises and keep your eyes on the Lord.

In the middle of the storms you face not only as a blogger but as someone who also has a personal life and a business to run (or job to perform), you can latch on to God’s promise of mental peace, which in turn will give your physical body the strength to persevere and endure the storm.

When the mental state is safe, then the physical body can keep walking in the wilderness season you’re in. On this journey, you think you’re alone on; God promises to bring life to your walk with Him.

I keep a Google Doc on my phone of promises in the bible that I find comforting as an entrepreneur. If you want a copy of them, leave a comment below, and I’ll message it to you on Facebook.

Want to know something crazy?

It’s in these seasons of being alone that we can do our MOST spiritual growth and get the BEST content for our blogging! Why? Because it is only in the solitude of the wilderness that we can recognize our need for God and His perfect plan for our life as bloggers.

When Jesus told us to have a life to the full, it means being firmly rooted in the Word and not being distracted by the latest fads in business and blogging. This is the key to living the life that God intended for us… to the FULL!


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