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How To Inspire Employees To Work Just as Hard as You Do

My schedule is packed.  I wake up early in the morning, make my coffee, read my bible, pray, and it's off to the races.

And when I’m done with the long day, it's right back to work, building the business from home. It’s important for my team to see me working day and night, it motivates them and shows them they have a leader that works just as hard, if not harder than they do!

I love watching the show, The Profit. Marcus Lemonis, the host of the show, is always eager to get into the process and figure things out. I’ve seen him cleaning, painting, getting dirty in his new ventures.

We get motivated and encouraged by leaders that are willing to get their hands dirty, get in the trenches to make things happen.

In Nehemiah 4:21-23, we read about a leader that’s standing side-by-side with his team while the threat of an attack loomed.

"So we continued the work with half the men holding spears, from the first light of dawn till the stars came out. At that time I also said to the people, “Have every man and his helper stay inside Jerusalem at night, so they can serve us as guards by night and as workers by day.” Neither I nor my brothers nor my men nor the guards with me took off our clothes; each had his weapon, even when he went for water."

As you read about Nehemiah and his leadership style, are there any comparisons to you?

Do you need to change some things to step it up as a leader?

We Godpreneurs need to fight side by side with our team, day and night, with weapons of prayer and praise.

All my best,

Alex Miranda

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P.S. I did a Business bible study called 40 Days to Restarting Your Business, God's Way. Check it out:

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