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How to Avoid Giving Up in Business and Marriage

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

As I reflect on terrible times in my business and marriage, I smile.

I smile because I’ve been through business debt, near marital divorce, terrible clients, and losing all hope in my business and marriage…yet I’m standing here today having overcome all of this because of God’s grace and never giving up.

Here’s the deal: I saw God rescue me from being a nightclub promoter into a church promoter. I saw God take me out of the muck of strip club marketing, to building church websites. I’ve seen God turn things around in my life, so that pushes me never to give up.

If God did it once, He would do it again! I’ve seen it in my own life!

But we entrepreneurs forget. We get so down on the terrible situations that we can’t remember who we were and who we’ve grown to become.

We forget that the reason we’re entrepreneurs is that we left the corporate world to take on the risk and that giving up isn’t an option.

We forget that we got married because we left our sexual sin behind and discovered that two is better than one, and that it sucks to be alone, and that we have a family, and giving up isn’t an option.

We need to understand that our current situation is temporary and that it’s not always going to be this way.

The bible says:

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9 ESV)

Your business and marriage will not always be in the state; it’s in right now. As terrible as they may seem, if you only believe, I’m proof that it will not always be this way. The more you believe this, the less “sting” you feel when the punches come your way. The more faith you have in God, the faster you get up from the fall.

And do you want even better news?

It’s not that you need to attend five marriage seminars…

It’s not that you need to keep releasing new products and services…

It’s not more “work” that you have to put into your marriage and business…

All you need is more of Jesus in your life. All you need is more faith and trust in God. That’s it! You focus on God, and He’ll do the work.

How? Because it’s by His grace, not our works, that we will receive the promise.

Haven’t you wondered why terrible people could have thriving businesses and seemingly successful marriages? There are people so far from God succeeding in their personal and work life! How? Because God’s grace is for every human on the planet. This means that “WORK” isn’t the solution because if that’s the case, then I’d be a Billionaire and my wife and I would be power couple of the century! I work my butt off!!

The difference between a Godpreneur and a non-Christian entrepreneur is that when the going gets tough, we have a God we can turn our problems over to. A regular entrepreneur needs to keep the hustle and grind going because he/she is on their own. It’s why drug dealers don’t last forever…they are alone in their problems, and the weight and pressure eventually come down on them.

We need never to give up. We need to keep hoping, keep staying positive, keep speaking life into our dead marriage and near bankrupt businesses. We need not worry and keep declaring victory!

Could you imagine if we all had this kind of hope and faith? What would that do for the marketplace and our society? Imagine more families staying together and better products and services being released?

Today, we all need to declare OUT LOUD what we are expecting God to do! Someone who never gives up is always putting positive words into the atmosphere. Stop telling friends that marriage sucks and start declaring that you have the best spouse ever!

Godpreneur Rule – Godpreneurs meditate on how God has rescued us from hard times, and we know that He’ll do it again!


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