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Calling on Your Top 100 Friends & Family

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

When it comes to launching and growing businesses, the number one excuse I get as to why people don’t take action in their business is lack of money. Since my main business is to do branding for companies, I get to meet the entrepreneurs at the very beginning of the venture or a turning point in the company. And most of the meetings I have the excuse for not pulling the trigger is finances.

But I don’t turn the clients away. Instead, I try to have them focus on what they DO HAVE around them and paint a picture of doing the business without needs to invest money, but instead, use what’s already available to them to get going.

For example, I consult people all the time that you don’t need a website and a logo to launch a company. Instead, I tell them they need to get on the phone and call 100 people that they know and let them all know what you’re up to and that you’d appreciate them sending you business. I go on to point out that you have a phone, you have a voice, and you have friends, family, and even acquaintances that want you to succeed.

We all have things missing in the equation of a “perfect business.” All of us have some kind of defect, disability, shortcoming, or deficiency. We’re all struggling in some area of our life, and as humans, we tend to focus on that as a defense mechanism to avoid pain, loss, and rejection.

On the pilgrimage of launching and growing our God First business, God has provided more than we can imagine for us to succeed. But the enemy doesn’t want us to see what’s available to us. Instead, he wants us to be down and depressed about what we don’t have and what we lack so that we don’t launch and grow the business God needs us to create.

The bible says:

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see". (Hebrews 11:1 NIV)

You might not have money, time, experience, or connections, but God’s given you other resources and talents to use, and most importantly, you can have FAITH.

When things are going wrong as you journey to launch and grow your business, you’ll tend to focus on what you don’t have. Instead, choose to see what’s working!

If you stay focused on what you’re missing, you’ll keep dreaming until the dream dies.

We all need to have faith and be sure we’re using what God’s provided and turn those things up!

When we do this, we’re standing up against the enemy and showing our faith in God to provide and fight our battles for us. We need to find the one thing we do have, and let God take care of what’s missing.

We Godpreneurs may not have everything that other entrepreneurs have, but we have faith. God is for us!

Keep your eyes on God, don’t get caught up in the negative and don’t focus on your age, income, or lack of experience.

In this pilgrimage of launching and growing your business, God wants to help you create a business that provides an abundant life!

If you have faith to use what God’s already provided, then God will bless you with your breakthrough.

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