How to Turn Away from Haters?

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

I went to a friend’s house to watch a football game. We were catching up about business, and I was telling them about a cool new product I was launching at the time. In the middle of my excitement, my friend’s wife says “But Alex, you have to chill out with the emails. You’re sending way too many. People hate that. It’s too much.”

She had me thinking…maybe I was too pushy. What if people are unsubscribing. I don’t want people to be annoyed. I would hate for people to be talking bad about me saying I’m a spammer. Oh boy, what if this whole idea was a big mistake. Maybe I need to chill out with the email marketing.

Or…MAYBE my friend’s wife is a HATER and can’t stand seeing success, especially with those closest to her, because she can’t get it together to promote her own business with just one email.

(Ok, now that I got that off my chest, let’s continue!)

As entrepreneurs, we’re going to have people around us that aren’t as excited about our products and services as we are. And the more successful we become, the more haters will come out of the closet.

Anyone that’s against us can be classified as a “hater.” This could be family, friends, employees, vendors, partners, our competition, and even other entrepreneurs in your church. They will distract us from what we were born to do, detour us from our journey, and discourage our progress at whatever crossroads they can yell from.

Along with our pilgrimage to launching and running a God-First business, we’re going to encounter many of these haters. But don’t be discouraged! We’re supposed to be ENCOURAGED because the negativity should fuel us to keep pushing forward. People only hate things that are hot, awesome, progressing, and moving fast.

God knows there would be hate, that’s Satan’s job here. The enemy doesn’t want us on the pilgrimage of doing what we were born to do; he’ll use ordinary people and extraordinary circumstances to distract and discourage us.

The bible says