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Waiting on a Big Contract? God May Be Trying to Do Something

One of the worst feelings as an entrepreneur is to wait, especially when it comes to waiting on God.

You know what I'm talking about. Some of you right now feel like you’ve been patiently waiting on God. Thousands of visits to your site, but no sales. And you’ve prayed for that one big contract that will make the last ten months of faith-filled trust all worth it. You’re wondering what's taking God so long? Am I doing something wrong? Is He even listening? Have you forgotten me, Father? Do you not care that I'm sitting here daily, seeing my savings account dwindle every week?

You might be praying over a business partnership that's turned toxic. Maybe you're praying over a depression that's haunted you over this pandemic. Perhaps you're praying for a spouse to accept your entrepreneurial lifestyle finally; you simply want their love and support through the journey. You might ask God for a client to finally pay their bill, or for the bank to release your funds, or for God to bring you the right employee, and yet the more you pray, the less you see.

You’re probably praying on something in your business, having faith for something, believing in something, and yet you’ve got no word from God. You've got no sign that He heard you, no indication that He’s active, no sign that He cares. All you want is some answer, any answer. "Give a sign God, give a feeling, give me anything."

And yet, for some of you Godpreneurs, there´s nothing at all.

What is God doing while our businesses are waiting? Why does God feel so silent?

I want to remind you that just because God feels silent in the marketplace doesn’t mean He’s absent; God is working while you’re waiting and wondering. Behind the scenes, the goodness of God, the power of God, the provision of God, and the grace of God are always at work. Do you think YOU hustle hard? God's operation is 24/7/365.

The one who designed you to be an entrepreneur and called you to His purpose is working in all things to bring about good.

  • God loves you.

  • He’s a good father.

  • God has good plans for you.

  • He wants to bless you.

  • God wants to prosper you and your business.

Just because you don’t see it happening doesn’t mean he’s not doing anything. What is God doing while you’re waiting? God is always working on our businesses, even while we’re waiting.

All of us entrepreneurs have a thing that we are waiting for; a vision to come to pass, problems to go away, or the motivation to finally write that book. And when it’s taking longer than we thought, it’s easy to get discouraged, to become impatient, and think, "when is ever going to happen to me? When is it my turn to finally be debt-free and not have to worry so much?"

I know you don't want to hear this, but someone has to say it: sometimes it's not happening because you're not prepared for what God has prepared. You’re ready for what you have in mind, but if you could see what God has in mind, you would realize you couldn’t handle it.

Right now, you need more time to grow in God-centered business wisdom. You have to develop God-first business systems and processes. You have to gain godly marketplace experience.

The Bible says

But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. (James 1:4 KJV)

I've found the patience to be my greatest virtue as an entrepreneur. When I realized what patience produced, I began to enjoy the ‘waiting period’

Patience is like the gym; you might not see anything changing, but something is happening. Patience is working on you. Your spiritual muscles are getting stronger. You’re growing as a Godpreneur that can handle the MORE that God has planned. Patience is building you and getting you prepared so you can sustain what God has to come.

Don’t discount the waiting periods along your entrepreneurial journey. Don't get discouraged because it's not happening as fast as you would like. The longer it takes, the more God has to store for your business. When it’s your time, when He knows you’re ready, the business God created you to start is going to be much bigger than you’ve imagined!

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