The Unique Way Entrepreneurs Find Christ On Christmas

The Christmas story is full of awesome stories — Mary’s encounter with the angel, Joseph’s dreams, and the shepherds’ invite to the birth.

Yet, while these stories are amazing, I found it hard to disconnect from my business in order to focus on the season. I tried devotionals, music, church services and reading plans. It was all joyful, but there was still a separation between my business and the holiday season.

Until I met the wise men.

It wasn't until I sat down to analyze the intriguing quest of the wise men that the Christmas story came alive to me as an entrepreneur.

After a long journey, God leads the wise men to Jesus. The adventure, their actions, and the victory in finding the child gives us Jesus-seeking business owners great wisdom for approaching the Christmas season in our own unique way.

Although the Holidays are a peaceful and joyful time, most of us business owners are trying to close the year strong, so it also becomes a stressful, noisy season. For many of us, the 4th quarter will determine the profitability of the entire year! How can the birth of Jesus 2000 years ago compete with the realities of meeting our numbers today?

Is there a way that even the busiest of entrepreneurs can both meet their holiday goals WHILE embracing Jesus and drawing closer to His peace?

The keys to tuning out the noise that wants to take your focus off the reason for the season is to quiet your heart by doing as the wise men did — earnestly, joyfully, and generously adore Jesus.