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Jesus Knew Best: Why Silence Is Your Secret Weapon in Business!

Today, I want to write about becoming more productive in your business by finding quiet time for reflection and prayer.

In the constant buzz of running a business, where, from the moment we wake up, the phone never stops ringing and the emails keep coming, finding a moment of quiet can seem almost impossible. But think about the last time you had a truly great idea or made a significant decision. Was it in the middle of chaos, or during a rare moment of calm?

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God”, which suggests that we can hear God's voice in moments of silence and stillness. This means that if we can somehow figure out how to stop and be reflective and contemplative with God, then it could open up creativity and new productive ways of solving problems.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't do this enough times during the course of my work day. Once I leave the house, it's go time. I'm on calls and meetings all day. And as the CEO of my company, everyone wants to meet with me for some approval, and I'm on several major projects that need my attention almost daily.

Once the noise of my day starts it becomes difficult to stop what I'm doing to “be still” and listen to God.

As Godpreneurs, we're often caught in the noise of our business growth. Imagine a construction site that is right next to your office. For months or even years, it's just constant banging and trucks. Well, our businesses are under construction, too. And the noise is all the to-do items in our head. It's not just the literal noise of notifications and conversations but the internal clutter that prevents us from being truly present and reflective. This noise can drown out our best thoughts and suffocate our productivity.

Consider the way Jesus managed his time and focus. Despite the demands of His ministry, He consistently sought solitude. In Matthew 14:13, after the death of John the Baptist, the Bible says

“When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place.”

Notice that after a tragic event like the beheading of John the Baptist, and before the miracle of feeding the 5,000 (Matthew 14:21), scripture shows Jesus withdrawing by boat to a solitary place to find peace away from the crowds.

Even in the busyness of His mission, solitude was not just a luxury; it was essential. He knew that to fulfill His purpose, He needed these moments of silence to pray and listen to His Father.

Could it be that, not just in moments of troubles in your business, but in the course of your daily entrepreneurial journey, the Lord is calling you to moments of retreat to Himself so He can annoint you with a miraculous idea or simply the mindset to enter your next meeting in peace?

Now, think about your daily routine. Are you giving yourself permission to step away and find your own solitary place? Or are you letting the noise of your entrepreneurial life keep you from the solitude that could spark your greatest insights and decisions?

Imagine this: instead of scheduling back-to-back meetings or trying to multitask through your lunch hour, you block out a regular time each day for quiet reflection. It doesn't have to be long—a few minutes might be enough. This is your time to disconnect from the world and connect with God, to let your creative thoughts flow without interruption.

I have a recurring 12 pm reminder on my phone to stop and pray. Usually it's a few seconds, sometimes I close my eyes and take a bit more time to connect with God.

Also, I've done a good job at setting aside time in the morning to pray, meditate, and blog. I've created the habit In the mornings, spending time with God can help people receive direction from Him on business decisions and steps to take. I get tons of ideas on how to better lead my God first business from this quiet time with the Lord.

My point is that we need to create the space to have regular appointment with God that allows us Godpreneurs to focus on our connection with Jesus. It can involve a variety of practices, such as: prayer, Bible study, worship, meditation, and journaling. And it can be done at ANY hour of the day.

This brings us to our actionable step:

Create Silent Sanctuaries

As leaders and creators, we must fight to carve out these silent sanctuaries in our schedules. It's not just about reducing stress; it's about enhancing our capacity to lead with inspiration and insight. By following Jesus' example, we can transform our workdays from sequences of tasks to opportunities for meaningful contemplation and spiritual renewal.

Here are some tips for spending time with God:

  • Make a time, place, and plan

  • Start with prayer

  • Read a passage of scripture

  • Reflect on what you read

  • Respond to what you've read in prayer

  • Be disciplined

  • Guard your heart against striving for God's favor

  • Don't take idols into the throne room

This week, I challenge you to identify one step you can take to create moments where you silence the noise. Maybe it’s turning off social media for an hour each day, finding a quiet spot in the office to take your breaks, or even starting your day with a few moments of scripture and prayer before you dive into emails. Whatever it is, make the pursuit of silent sanctuaries a deliberate part of your strategy to be more purposeful, present, and productive.

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