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I’m a Self Made Man

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I like the concept of the self-made man. To me, it conjures up a hope that, despite my middle-class upbringing, maybe I’ll be the one to break us free and into the life of wealth and riches.

So I work… And I work… And I work my butt off more! I labor day and night and even weekends. I’m determined to make this happen.

But there’s a danger in my mindset. I’ve rationalized that to be self-made, I need to work harder. I’ve connected my labor to my riches. And this will only cause me to fall deeper into the self-made trap.

Us entrepreneurs are especially vulnerable to the self-made trap. It sounds like:

  1. If I built my business and I made my money, that’s because I worked hard and I made that money.

  2. It was all me.

  3. I sacrificed, I put in the blood, sweat, and tears.

  4. I did it.

  5. I deserve it because I earned it all by myself.

  6. I started from the bottom and rose to the ranks of the rich and famous.

  7. I gave it 10X, and I did it all by myself.

After all, we are entrepreneurs, and we did it on our own, right?


And if we don’t correct this fundamental lie about business and money, we could be missing out on the greatest riches that God has planned for us.

We need to replace the self-made man lie with the truth:  We are God- Made Men and Women!

The bible says

"Moreover, when God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil—this is a gift of God." Ecclesiastes 5:19 NIV

Sure, you are brilliant, but where did you get your brains from? Yes, you work hard, but where did you get that healthy body from? And what about your education and upbringing? Parental figures in your life got their resources from somewhere. You could have died of malnutrition or been born in an oppressive country with no internet, but you’re reading this post now.

You were placed in this marketplace, given this mind of entrepreneurship, given this energy and excitement for business and commerce, and given these human resource responsibilities and growth opportunities – all because of God.

We can all directly or indirectly trace everything in our business lives back to God. God made us. God made our businesses. God brought out clients. God birthed the passions inside.

We are the work of His hands.

Imagine the peace and power that would flood us and the entire marketplace if gratitude eradicated selfishness for the gift of wealth.

Godpreneur Rule: None of us are self-made. We are God made.

Let’s pray right now.

Father, search my heart, O Lord! Let me know where I’m taking credit instead of giving you all the honor and glory. Lord, remove the arrogance I sometimes get as an entrepreneur, and replace it with Godpreneur thoughts – I praise you for everything that makes me wealthy. You’re the reason. You get the honor and glory because you made me the businessman I am.


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