How Your Body Helps Your Business Grow

I'm a CrossFit athlete. I'm pretty good at most exercises...except running. Guys run laps around me. If a workout has run in it, I've already concluded that I won't be finishing in the top spots that day.

Plus, running is emotionally painful! My mind drifts to 1,000 places. I either become anxious from thinking about things I need to do that day or get depressed with regret from not training my endurance more. As more runners whisk on by me and fade away to where I can't see them anymore, it discourages me even more.

However, I've changed my mindset on running. I've turned the corner on my negative thoughts. Instead of letting my mind sprint into loser-land, I've stopped listening to what my mind says about running, and I've started to focus on what my body has to do to run better.

See, by focusing on my breathing, engaging my core, loosening my grip, running on my toes, lifting my knees, opening my chest, increasing my stride, and leaning into my run, I've been able to stay in my lane and finish workouts faster and with more confidence.

I stopped listening to my mind and started focusing on my body - the temple of the holy spirit. I stopped letting the enemy have control of my run, and I've let the power of my spirit keep me company instead.

Entrepreneurship in the Spirit - being fully present right now - comes down to our ability to get out of our minds and into our bodies. The enemy's power is just one of many reasons that it’s important entrepreneurs separate ourselves from our mind and pay closer attention to our body.


The mind is where the enemy dwells and is responsible for any pain and suffering we feel in the business. It produces pain by continually planning for the future or bringing up memories of the past, occupying moments of our day with anxiety-ridden future scenarios or regretful memories. The mind prevents us from Godpreneurship - entrepreneurship in the present presence of the holy spirit.

The result is that since we can’t alter the past or the future of our business decisions, we constantly worry about things we can’t possibly change. And that leads to pain.

The conclus