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How to Really Love Your Customers

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

My company does branding and rebranding.  Our clients pay a big chunk of their marketing budget for us to bring their visions to life.  But they don’t pay it all at once.  There’s a deposit and then several payments for accomplishing milestones along the way.

One time a client paid me in FULL, upfront for all the work we needed to do.  Something weird happened.  I wasn’t as motivated to finish the entire project faster.  In fact, it was the longest branding process ever.

When it was all said and finally done, I realized something wrong about MY attitude:  I’m working for Money, not out of love.  You see, he has paid me all the money, so I didn’t feel I needed to work as hard.

I think we all do this as entrepreneurs.  We’re all working for the reward.  So if the reward doesn’t come, or is cut short, or mismanaged, we’re up in arms, disgruntled, discontent, and upset.

But this isn’t how God thinks or operates.  And if we’re made in the likeness of God, and if our entire existence is meant to make us more like God, then our attitude towards serving our clients needs to be like God.

I’ve learned that clients don’t pay me, God does.  Through my clients, God blesses me.

I’ve also taken on the attitude that my client is God’s child too, so I have to love unconditionally and want to give Him my loving services regardless of payment type, amount or structure.

If my goal in life is to be rich monetarily, then my attitude towards my customers will be dependent on how much they pay.

If my goal in life is to love my customers the way God does, then my attitude towards my customers will be dependent on how much I can learn and implement what God’s love really means.

Godpreneur Rule #29:  Godpreneurs love their clients like God loves us.

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