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Easter Devotional for Entrepreneurs

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Is Jesus Something More for My Business?

We entrepreneurs all have our view of who Jesus is. Even different religions see him in different ways. The people of his day saw him a totally different way. Heck, his own family saw him a completely different way.

But who we say Jesus is has a profound impact on every level of our business. From the financial to the strategic and personal aspects of our ventures, our understanding of who he is will either make our business life rich with him or full of our selves.

And although everyone has an opinion on who Jesus is, Jesus isn’t concerned about public opinion. He is concerned about how we (me and you individually) say he is.

For me and you, our entire business lives hinges on this question too. And getting to the place in our lives where we can only know Jesus as the Son of the living God will change every aspect of the way our businesses, products, and services minister in the marketplace.

Your pastor can reveal truth, my blogs can teach business ethics, inventors and creatives can bring about change, but only Jesus who came to save the world can offer you the hope of eternal life.

Leading up to Easter, I wanted to get to know more foundational truths about the identity of Jesus. I think all of us entrepreneurs should consider how his identity transforms us, and thus affects our businesses. I know my business is completely different today than it was back in 2008, but I still feel I’m scratching the surface on and how this change occurs.

If you too do not yet know what you believe about this man named Jesus, I invite you to take a small step of faith with me and ask God to make the truth about him plain for us.

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