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Discover Your Calling: A Month of Devotions to Solve Entrepreneurial Uncertainty

Struggling to find your niche? Confused about your entrepreneurial calling? You're not alone, and the good news is, there's a concrete solution out there for you. At my Godpreneur Academy, I created a comprehensive roadmap for Christian entrepreneurs, called "The Path to Godpreneurship," and I'm excited to share what I've come up with.

In particular, I want you to check out the "Discover" stage. This is where entrepreneurs learn how to identify their God-given purpose and niche, recognize the problems they're meant to solve, and gain an understanding of how to wait for God's perfect timing. I find it crucial to create resources that genuinely help Christian entrepreneurs, and this collection of five enriching devotionals within the "Discover" stage does exactly that.

So, buckle up as we explore each of these transformative devotionals and find out how they can bring clarity and direction to your entrepreneurial journey.

Let's delve into the five transformative plans in this pivotal stage.

Identifying the exact problem you were meant to solve in your marketplace is no small feat. Our plan, "Deciding on a Niche," walks you through this intricate process. With God as your guide, find the clarity you need to laser-focus your business offering.

Sometimes, understanding your business direction means waiting and listening for divine guidance. The "How Godpreneurs Wait" plan teaches you to find peace during periods of waiting in your business. Learn to read the signs and hear God's voice amid the chaos.

Beware of the pitfalls and traps that could distract you from your business calling. "The 7 Calling Killers" warns you about the enemy's plans to derail your entrepreneurial journey. Learn strategies to protect your calling and overcome these challenges.

Running a business with a partner? The "Finding Purpose in Your Business Partnership" plan helps you understand the synergy between you and your business partner's unique gifts. Learn how you both can collaborate effectively to fulfill your divine purpose.

As you near the end of the Discover stage, it's time to cement your direction. The 3-Day plan, "Stepping into What You Were Born to Do," helps you finalize your path. Discover the unique service or product only you can offer and be empowered to step into your calling with confidence.


From building awareness to diving deep into your business discovery, each stage of "The Path to Godpreneurship" is a transformational experience designed to align your business with your faith and calling.

If the Discover stage resonated with you, there's so much more ahead. With stages focusing on launching your business idea, fostering growth, and finally expanding, you will find the Godpreneurial journey to be fulfilling and spiritually enlightening.

Visit Godpreneur Academy to start your journey today.


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