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Business Partnerships Are Like A Marriage

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

When you’re putting your business idea together, there’s an amazing excitement that happens at the beginning. You tell a couple of friends, and the next thing you know you’re starting a business with a couple of your buddies….maybe even your significant other.

What did you dream that partnership would look like? What kind of people would you be to each other? Kind and gentle? Firm and fanatical? Dedicated and devoted? Committed and costs conscious?

What sort of partnership workload? 50/50 all the way?

Now….think about the relationship with your partners today…

When our realities don’t live up to our expectations, problems begin to arise. And if you’re reading this after you made that agreement, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Business partnerships are like a marriage. No, not in the spiritual aspect – well, I won’t get into that in this blog post. But I mean that some days are better and others are worse, some days you’re richer and some days poorer, and sometimes the business is healthy and sometimes it's sick. The business and the partnership will always contain these things.

No matter what circumstances, choices, shortcomings, or surprises may have landed us in the less-than-dreamy present business, we can’t look to the past to make it better. We can only commit to a better future starting now — or as married people would say “from this day forward.”

If having the business partnership of your dreams were easy, you’d already have it, right? If you don’t have the strength, you’ll have to learn to rely on Christ’s strength, which is always enough. And even if you’re in a place where you feel like you’re all out of love for your business partners — you can rely on His love that never runs out.

Coming to know God midway through my partnership in The Creative Complex helped me keep the organization together for a longer time period. It helped me realize this partnership was like a marriage, and I needed to be unselfish and fight for the unity and common vision of the future.

I pray the same for your partnerships. If you have any questions on succeeding in business partnerships, comment or message me.

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