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Watch the video below, it's the first training where we explain everything.


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We created a course to familiarize yourself with the blog and our writing style.  We'll always be posting new information here for you.


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Enter our member area, and click on "profile" to write an author bio for yourself.


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We're going to begin corresponding by email.  Please make sure you receive our confirmation.

What happens next?

  • We will review your previous writing

  • We'll either accept you onto the platform, or we'll suggest other next steps

  • Once accepted, you'll be granted "author" access

  • Once you accept access, you'll have the ability to write

  • Your posts will remain in "draft" until we approve on our end

  • We'll schedule your post for release

  • We'll promote your post if it meets curation standards

In the meantime, please follow the 3 steps above.

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