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Distraction-Free Godpreneurs – Part 1: It’s All Around Us

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

I’m a serial entrepreneur. I love starting my businesses, launching new products, and initiating new marketing campaigns.

And there’s no shortage of opportunities coming to me from every angle. Since I own a branding and marketing agency, I get other entrepreneurs asking me all the time to partner with them (in hopes of a discount – which I respectfully decline).

But I’ve learned that distraction is the enemy in disguise trying to pull me from my calling. I’ve come to realize that the devil doesn’t want me to live in my calling. I’ve been the victim of a divided mind, and I’ve learned how to fight back.

We Godpreneurs have it harder than everyone else starting businesses because the enemy doesn’t want us in our calling! So we need a lesson on running Distraction-Free businesses.

Look, God made us to be visionary people. If there were a little comic strip bubble that popped over our heads while we were sitting at church or walking in the park, people would read things like

  1. I don’t think I’m in the right business

  2. There’s no possible way I can do that business

  3. I’m a total fake, I make it seem like I’m successful, but I’m not

  4. I start new projects because I’m not fulfilled

  5. I don’t believe my new service is all that great

  6. Whats going to make me 1 Million dollars?

It’s comforting to know we haven’t reached the point (yet) where people can read our thoughts as entrepreneurs!

We Entrepreneurs struggle with following our calling and staying in our purpose and gifting, and Christian entrepreneurs are no exception.

We all struggle with cheating on our calling to some degree. And that’s what it feels like sometimes – cheating! You or another entrepreneur friend of yours is cheating on his or her calling right now, and help is needed.

You Started reading this because you too are distracted in business. Let me ask you, first:

  1. Do you want to run a Distraction-Free business?

  2. Is it possible to stay in your calling all the time?

  3. What do you think God thinks of you when you’re NOT living the purpose He crafted you especially for?

  4. If it’s possible, how do you live Distraction-Free and stay within your purpose and calling?

These answers will come from your heart. This post or any book won’t make you “want to” stop cheating on your calling or any other biblical business principles for that matter. My courses might help, they may motivate, and they might give you a better understanding of some things, but they won’t walk through the door for you. You have to want to live distraction free.

The bible says

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight". (Proverbs 3:5‭-‬6 NIV)

We Godpreneurs must fight to guide our products and services in the direction God has called us, even when we’re tempted to do something else. We need to start with our desire to follow God and trust Jesus’s message to us.

We need to start with our thirst to know Jesus more. See, Jesus lived distraction Free. He had one goal: redemption and restoration. When we desire to get to know Jesus more, we are surrounding ourselves with the ultimate distraction Free example we Godpreneurs could emulate.

Only if we desire to follow God’s Calling for us will we have any hope of choosing the right businesses, joint ventures, products, and services.

We will get detailed with thoughts, even the most focused get distracted at times. But if you don’t desire to uncover and live out God’s Calling on your business life, then the rest of this teaching series won’t matter.

So, should you quit now if you don’t feel that desire and passion for following your purpose in business? Absolutely not. Maybe it was this exact plan that God inspired me to create that will turn your curiosity into action.

I pray that completing this series will help change many of our hearts to see the value of honoring God and experiencing purity in our calling. I pray this revolution of the mind to begin to transform our hearts so that marketplaces worldwide are impacted.

We all need to start this revolution because the world needs us to accomplish our purpose here. Without the desire, long-term success may elude us and, ultimately, leave us feeling meaningless and our businesses struggling to get by.

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