Waiting on God in Your Business: Part 5 – Three Benefits of Waiting

There are many stages in the business waiting process a Godpreneur must go through


I really wanted to pay off my student loans within 10 years of graduating. Then year 11 came around and it still seemed like I would never pay it off. In fact, it felt like I hadn’t even made a dent in the balance.

I also had a goal of breaking the $1 million revenue mark in my business before I turned 30. Then 30 turned to 35. It seemed like I could touch it, but it was so out of reach.

All entrepreneurs have goals and visions we’re holding on to. We’ve got these God-breathed promises that we know He will come through with, we’re just not sure when? Some of us have quit on our promises all together, settling for a sub-par existence that pales in comparison to what we had hoped.

But I’ve learned some amazing lessons in the waiting period. This space between my ambition and my reality has given me a spiritual strength and Divine understanding that I would have been short-changed had I not, impatiently at times, gone through the waiting period.

There are many stages in the business waiting process a Godpreneur must go through. I’ve been attending a CrossFit gym for 7 years now. Anyone that’s serious about changing their body and improving their strength knows that it’s a lot of pain before getting to the promise.


Pregnant women know that in order to experience the promise of holding their child, they must endure many internal and external battles. In the end, a woman’s overall strength is improved dramatically by the time the baby is here and she’s ready to raise a child.

The waiting time for an entrepreneur may seem long, but waiting until the date God has set is a great blessing because you will be fully developed and healthy to take on the next level of growth God has for your business.

There will be times when the entrepreneurial promise seems to be causing us the most pain and it may seem to be taking a long time, and we want to give up but giving up will only cause the success of the business to be premature or shut down altogether.

The Bible’s most impactful verse for Godpreneurs waiting on God’s promises reveals three stages in the waiting process.

But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, They run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind. (Isaiah 40:-31 MSG)

Let this change your perspective on why God hasn’t fulfilled the promises yet, and let these 3 truths help you wait for your reward.

  1. Waiting gives time for your mind to renew.

“But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.”

When we learn how to wait in our businesses on the promises of the Lord and as we meditate on Him and His character our thoughts will begin to change from the negatives (debt, insecurity, failure) to the goodness and faithfulness of the promise keeper (Jesus). We will be changed from the inside out.

2. Waiting gives time for the Holy Spirit to grow.

“They spread their wings and soar like eagles,”

As you become confident in God to keep His word for your business He will endow you with supernatural strength to overcome all marketplace obstacles that will arise.

3. Waiting lets us experience God’s strength above our own.

“They run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind.”

God will infuse you with physical strength when you wait, expect, and look with joy to Him to fulfill what He has promised you for your business.

Today I pray for all of us Godpreneurs as we wait on the Lord in our businesses to recognize the amazing blessings to be had during this time period!