Uncovering What Business You Were Born To Do – Step 5 – Unwrapping the Gift

God's waiting for each one of us to unwrap and use the gifts He's specifically given to each of us.


I went to visit my mom, and there was a package on the dining room table. I passed by it a few times and didn’t notice it. I finally noticed it, I saw that it was addressed to me, and I opened it. Inside was another box. And of course, inside of that box was yet another box.

I finally opened the last box and, there it was – my favorite fragrance. I quickly took the cap off and sprayed myself a few times. Then my mom came and smelled me and complimented me on the scent.

What if I would have never noticed the box? Or if I did notice, what if I never opened the first box, the second, or the third? And let’s say I did open all the boxes but never put the fragrance on? Or even worst…what if I never put myself around someone so they could enjoy the fragrance too?

Sounds crazy, but there are many entrepreneurs out there walking around, totally oblivious that God’s waiting to give them a gift. Then, even worst, there’s another group that has revived the gift and haven’t unwrapped it. And the biggest fools of them all…the ones have been given the gift, unwrapped it, know it’s sitting there, and don’t use it.

God’s waiting for each one of us to unwrap and use the gifts He’s specifically given to each of us. How do you think He feels when we don’t open the gift and use it?


The bible says:

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. (1 Peter 4:10 NIV)

If you don’t know what’s inside of the spiritual gift God’s given to you, then the gift is useless. It will never benefit you, your employees, or the marketplace around you.

God has given you a spiritual gift to use in the marketplace that will take your business to places you could have never gone alone.

Every one of us Godpreneurs has a duty, responsibility, and obligation to partner with God to use our gifts in our industries. God’s grace poured over us when we accepted Jesus and our businesses give us the opportunity to serve that gift to others freely.

Imagine if we all used our gifts to point people the giver, and give all the praise and glory to God!?

Imagine if our gifts encouraged others to want to draw closer to God so that they could find their gifts too?!

That’s called Marketplace Ministry, and that’s our true calling as Godpreneurs.