The Good News about Bad News


Day 1: Restarting Your Business in Faith

I left the accounting office with bad news.  It was November of 2014.  The report was dismal.  There was only one choice:  let go of people.

On the way to the office to give the news, I was nervous and sick to my stomach.  Not only because I had to let go of people, but also because I needed to make a big decision in my entrepreneurial career:  Restart, or get a job.

Restarting would mean dumping 90% of my nightlife clients, letting go of every non-essential employee, and restructuring the business identity.

As I got closer to the exit off the highway on the drive from my accounting to my office, I wanted to keep going south…just keep driving, all the way to Key West.  I didn’t want to deal with the bad news.


Sometimes bad news catches us entrepreneurs totally off guard and reduces us to our breaking point, we hurt, and we just want to retreat away from everything…maybe even quit.

But God has plans for the bad news…which is GOOD NEWS from his perspective!

As I read in Chapter 1 of Nehemiah, he got some pretty tough news.  And here is what he did:

“When I heard these things, I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven.” (Nehemiah 1:4)

He did not turn a deaf ear nor shrug his shoulders at the news. In his distress he wept bitterly and went to God in prayer for solace.

You don’t have to be in financial trouble to experience bad news as an entrepreneur.  It comes in many shapes and sizes.  Finances are a likely culprit, but issues in human resources and operations can also set you off.

God expects us to be concerned. He wants our businesses to succeed, and for us to be broken when something is wrong. God wants us to act as a CEO is supposed to act, but he desires that we come to him first, in prayer, for guidance and direction.

What is your typical reaction to bad news or news that involves danger to your business. Did you pray?

Right now, stop what you’re doing and ask God to direct you to a particular troubling issue in your business. Spend time praying and fasting for its resolution.

Pray: Lord, thank you that I can come to you for help in my business, your business.  Give me wisdom and insight to make the best decision possible for me and others, and let me seek your loving support through the gift of prayer.

As I began praying for my business in November, God revealed major initiatives that needed changing in order to move forward.  He gave me peace about letting go of employees and planted the seeds of a future where my company would serve God’s purpose.  A new vision was conceiving a God Identity for my business.

This was the birth of the Godpreneur movement in my life.

I invite you to continue this journey with me as we Restart our business lives with a new calling over our entrepreneurial careers.