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  • Finding Purpose In Your Business Partnership

    And now that you’re in a business partnership, God has some fundamental lessons he wants you to discover so you can run a purpose-focused partnership.

  • The Foundation of Godpreneur Partnerships: Part 3 – Partnerships Reveal My Need for Christ More

    We’d have the perfect partnership and a real chance at making it big. We all have painted a picture of the perfect partnership. What if God designed business partnerships as a tool to actually reveal our need for Him? What is the very conflict I experience with my partners that was meant to help bring the partnership to a whole new level? This thought killed my partnerships.

  • The Foundation of Godpreneur Partnerships: Part 4 – Finding Balance in Business Partnerships

    Balance means keeping all the parts of my life in their proper places In my business partnerships, what happened outside of the office would creep its way into the office and into the dynamics between me and my partners. In order for a partnership to run smoothly, all partners need to regain balance in their personal lives. The bible says Therefore, dear friends, since you have been forewarned, be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by the error of the lawless and fall from your secure position. 2 Peter 3:17 NIV What does the balance in your business partnership mean to you? Taking a “time-out” to set priorities straight is important for regaining balance in your business partnership.

  • Finding Purpose In Your Business Partnership: Part 3 – Purposed-Focused Business Partnerships

    My mind immediately starts to doubt the partnership with this employee. The outcome of your partnerships begins with your mindset. That’s how you triumph in victory in every business partnership. God’s power and purpose for our business partnerships are magnificent. Take a moment to ask yourself: Do I live problem-focused or purpose-focused in my business partnership?

  • Your Business Partnership Could Be a Testimony to Others

    I know business partnerships are messy. But I can’t help to be envious of some partnerships out there. My partnership was far from perfect. Allow the partnership to be a blessing to other partners out there. We don’t have to be business partnership “experts” to do this.

  • Finding Purpose In Your Business Partnership: Part 5 – Fix Your Partnership Differences

    Is there still hope for our business partnerships? One of the best things about business partnerships is that we have the opportunity to practice and perfect appreciating each other’s differences. In our business partnerships, God wanted us to be different and diverse and for us to leverage that and celebrate our differences. As we continue to pursue uncovering God’s purpose for our business partnerships, remember that our differences make us stronger and empower us to do more things than we could ever do apart. #BusinessPartnerships #BusinessBibleStudy Finding Purpose In Your Business Partnership You and your business partner are unique individuals and God is creative in the way He wants to use both of your gifts together.

  • Business Partnerships Are Hard: Part 2 – Dealing with Selfishness

    The business partnerships I’ve been in were hard because it involved two selfish people trying to build something together. At some point, when the new car smell wears off from the partnership, either my partner or I would begin to feel the sting of not getting something our way. My partnerships became especially harder the closer I drew to God. It’s not that we need to be less selfish in our business partnerships, it’s that we need Jesus more in our own lives. We Godpreneurs can triumph on our partnerships even when the other partner isn’t showing the same level of Christ-like behavior.

  • The Foundation of Godpreneur Partnerships: Part 1 – Setting High Standards in My Business Part

    As the guy people come to for logos and websites, I’ve met with many newly-formed business partnerships over the years. Far too many partnerships place the bar precariously low when choosing their standard for what they expect in business. Because that’s the mindset it takes to give 100 percent to your partnership. It is being willing to fight for your partnership. How can you purpose bring God into your business partnership?

  • Good Fighting in Business Partnerships – Part 5: Fight to Go First

    Every business partnership experiences conflict, but for problems to get resolved, someone has to be willing to go first in bringing the peace. It’s a death cycle that kills business partnerships and takes down the whole company with it. We must stop the cycle and keep the ship moving towards the purpose of the business partnership in the first place. If our business partnerships need help, let’s not work on changing our partners. Instead, by God’s grace, we must consider what we can do to move our business partnerships in a positive direction.

  • Business Partnerships Are Hard: Part 1 – Saying I’m Sorry

    The business partnerships I’ve been in are hard. I’m a Godpreneur in various business Partnerships with other Christians and non-Christians. Being in a partnership always to some degree involves each person fighting for control. We need to change our mindset entirely on this partnership dilemma. Godpreneur Rule: Godpreneurs say I’m sorry and take responsibility to grow in our partnerships.

  • Making Business Partnerships Great: Part 2 – Managing Anger and Disappointment

    Three years into our business, we had one of the biggest fights of our partnership. It was as if this single event somehow epitomized every deficit in our partnership. This unproductive and childish behavior went on for much of our partnership until we finally went our separate ways. If we want our partnerships to thrive, we really only have one choice. Partnerships are preparation for our face to face with God.

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