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  • Biblical Money Saving Tip for Entrepreneurs

    Money is not evil. It is the love of money that is the root of all evil. The Bible says: 'A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry: but money answers all things.' - Ecclesiastes 10:19(KJV) The full colon in the above Scripture tells you that both feast (for laughter) and the wine (that makes merry) result from money. When you finally get money in your hands, the first thing to do is not spending, but saving the money. Your ability to save money will determine your level of discipline, which in turn is a significant key to success.

  • How To Walk Away From The Idol of Money in Business

    It’s hard to look back over my first thirty years and find anyone teaching me solid, Biblical lessons about money. That’s not a “switch” you just flip … it can take many seasons to mature beyond trusting in money. (“Giving” here should not be interpreted strictly in terms of donating or spending money. What’s more - I discovered my view of money had changed drastically. Soon, I began to pay back all the money I’d spent from our personal fortune, in spades.

  • [Business Prayer] For Provision and Increase in Income

    Have you been in circumstances where you need to pay bills, and you had no clients? Your expectations for this month, days, or even this year have not been accomplished, but you know God is faithful. As entrepreneurs, we all have been there; we’ve dealt with paying bills, having debts, and sometimes even not paying our employees. Sometimes we have situations in which doubt or financial commitments can overwhelm us. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that God is in control of our circumstances. When speaking of provision, regardless of the circumstances and what we can see, our trust is in the One who created heaven and earth. During tough times, our confidence must rely on God. As we look for His will and obey His commands, we may be able to face whatever circumstances knowing that God directs our steps, and for that, we will not shake or fall. In the Bible, in the book of 1 Kings, we can see Elijah prophesied a great drought, and God directed him to go to Kerith Ravine where He sustains him and sent ravens with provision. The Bible says So he did what the Lord had told him. He went to the Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan, and stayed there. The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening, and he drank from the brook. (1 Kings 17:5-6) As Elijah obeyed the voice of God and understood that the word that came from the Lord would be fulfilled, he had the provision of what he needed during his time in Kerith Ravine. The same way God provided Elijah, He may provide to us as long as we look for his presence and obey his commands; even though, as entrepreneurs, we may not understand our circumstances, God is in control. As we recognize that God has provided for us, join me in prayer. Dear God, I acknowledge your power and sovereignty over creation. Thank you for the business you’ve given me, and I pray that I can honor Your name through my services and products. I pray for discernment from your Holy Spirit to have the vision you have for this business. I surrender every new project, every idea, and all my business to You so Your will is done. Yours is glory and the name above ALL names. I pray that I can honor You, Lord, with my life and business; I want to serve you with righteousness. May, you Lord, give me peace when there’s a storm and where circumstances may seem wrong. As you provided to Elijah in Kerith Ravine, may you provide all that I need, as you already have knowledge of it. May you give me strength when I’m tired, and may I be courageous when the road gets hard. May I come to You every day so you can be glorified in my life and my business. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen. #GainConfidence

  • The 19 Rules of Money Management for Christian Entrepreneurs

    This course will help you develop a better sense of money management God’s way. COURSE HERE Learning how to find the perfect balance between money management and God’s blessings is key in order to make money the RIGHT way. Every time you feel there’s not enough money coming in, it’s probably because you haven’t been managing it correctly. As long as you stick to this cycle of focussing your attention on what you have today and repurposing it wisely in your business all whilst honoring God, He will open more money to you.

  • Removing The Stress of Money in Your Business

    We don’t need more money, we need more God. The future is never uncertain when it’s in God’s hands, the key to having more money in the bank comes from trusting and believing that God has our backs no matter what.

  • I Did it for the Money

    I saw so many pay me money to then find out 6 months later that the business didn’t work.  My heart changed from seeking their money to seeking their Godpreneur purpose with them. And more times than not, its either on money (like it was for me at the beginning) or on the customer.  It’s not to say that I don’t fall into the money trap time and again, but I do it much less often now because I’ve developed a heart towards helping entrepreneurs, something that I feel God has purposed for me to do.

  • God Needs My Money

    Your money and business are His, so we can't give God anything #MakeMoreMoney

  • More Money, More Happy

    "It's not that we need more money to justify our success, it's that we need more Jesus to satisfy our hearts" #GodpreneurAcademy #BusinessBibleStudy #MakeMoreMoney

  • God Needs My Money

    The way I see it is that it’s not that God needs my money. But remember that God doesn’t need a small portion of our money. It’s His money in the first place. And the enemy will use the money to win your heart. God’s not appreciative of the money we give; He’s moved when our hearts are surrendered to Him.

  • Have a Positive, Godly Attitude About Money

    We Godpreneurs have in seizing risky opportunities is that big risks equal big returns, and we have a God that created heaven and earth and has us in the palm of his hands.

  • How to Rule Over Your Money, God’s Way

    The reason we need this is that we need to rule money, not have it rule us. Operational Expenses (55%) This is the money needed to run the business. Taxes (10%) A percentage of your money will go to taxes. Owners pay (30%) I pay myself 30 percent of the money that comes in. Money here goes towards the future of my business.

  • 5 Lies of Money and Business

    This 5-Day plan will help you learn how to avoid falling for these common money lies hold you back from God-backed business growth. COURSE HERE Money isn’t meant to make us happy, it’s meant to make us holy. But the problem is that we’ve been deceived into seeing money the wrong way, and it’s holding us back from the truths that God is wanting to reveal to us.

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