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  • Unlock True Happiness in Your Business: The Secret to Contentment Over Money

    And when it comes to making a lot of money, it’s the same way. Like my desire for more employees, there is never an amount of money that is enough for our companies We trust in God to end our stress about money. don’t need more money, we need more God. Bible-Based Video Courses for Entrepreneurs Putting God First In their Businesses Click here to create a Free Account

  • The 19 Rules of Money Management for Christian Entrepreneurs

    This course will help you develop a better sense of money management God’s way. COURSE HERE Learning how to find the perfect balance between money management and God’s blessings is key in order to make money the RIGHT way. Every time you feel there’s not enough money coming in, it’s probably because you haven’t been managing you have today and repurposing it wisely in your business all whilst honoring God, He will open more money

  • 5 Lies of Money and Business

    This 5-Day plan will help you learn how to avoid falling for these common money lies hold you back from COURSE HERE Money isn’t meant to make us happy, it’s meant to make us holy. But the problem is that we’ve been deceived into seeing money the wrong way, and it’s holding us back will guide you through scripture and common misbeliefs, and how to overcome them to experience the financial

  • Attracting Money In Your Business, God's Way

    Educate yourself and prepare your business to steward the financial blessings God has in store for you COURSE HERE The bible has so much to say on the topic of money! God will use us Godpreneurs to manage the money. Money gets released to our businesses when we take on a totally new perspective and bring new habits

  • Finding Peace Amid Financial Roller-Coaster: Trusting God in Your Business Journey

    We need money for our businesses for a lot of things. We need money like a car needs oil. The amount of money in our bank account is tied to our future success, and this is a dangerous place Jesus gives us an amazing metaphor so we can divorce our sense of security from our bank accounts. You must still learn financial responsibility, sales, marketing, and operations in your business. Bible-Based Video Courses for Entrepreneurs Putting God First In their Businesses Click here to create a Free Account

  • Biblical Money Saving Tip for Entrepreneurs

    Money is not evil. It is the love of money that is the root of all evil. my children need a small amount of money to do something important, and I could not provide for them financially! When you finally get money in your hands, the first thing to do is not spending, but saving the money , but the love of money.

  • Removing The Stress of Money in Your Business

    We don’t need more money, we need more God. God is looking out for us AND our businesses. The future is never uncertain when it’s in God’s hands, the key to having more money in the bank comes

  • Got Unethical or Illegal Activities in Your Business? God Has a Way Out!

    My accountant called me one day warning me that I was going to owe a lot in taxes that year. So, when my accountant told me I'd be owing taxes, I immediately started scheming up ways to not pay Then my accountant said these profound words: you should WANT to pay taxes! #GainConfidence #AccountingHelp #StrengthenIntegrity

  • How To Walk Away From The Idol of Money in Business

    hard to look back over my first thirty years and find anyone teaching me solid, Biblical lessons about money Why Money Matters to God Six years in the insurance business taught me a key lesson: Nobody wanted to (“Giving” here should not be interpreted strictly in terms of donating or spending money. What’s more - I discovered my view of money had changed drastically. Soon, I began to pay back all the money I’d spent from our personal fortune, in spades.

  • More Money, More Happy

    "It's not that we need more money to justify our success, it's that we need more Jesus to satisfy our

  • God Needs My Money

    Your money and business are His, so we can't give God anything #MakeMoreMoney

  • I Can Be a Godpreneur and Still Love Money

    We can't fully surrender to Christ and still love money. #MakeMoreMoney

  • Have a Positive, Godly Attitude About Money

    There’s a lot more responsibility when you handle more money, that’s for sure. See, millionaires understand that to get rich, you also have to like money. And I believe God wants us in the same mindset as millionaires and their money. One of the servants took some risks, invested the money, and doubled his return! The other servant hid the money so he wouldn’t lose it.

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