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  • Restart Your Business: Day 20 – Take an Oath

    My son became an Eagle Scout in 2014. A proud moment for our family was the oath he took to be an upstanding citizen. Oaths have a way of helping us keep our integrity, and the integrity of the community in which we’re making the oath to. In my business, we do what we can to help entrepreneurs visions come to life.  That’s my passion and purpose. I’m about helping others realize their entrepreneurial purpose. And I want my employees, vendors and contractors to feel the same way. It’s important that we get the ‘buy in’ from those working with us on the vision that we have as entrepreneurs. We want to change the world, and we need a team behind us to help. As we continue in Nehemiah, we see how the integrity of those working to help rebuild Jerusalem was made public through an oath. Nehemiah 5:12 says, “We will give it back,” they said. “And we will not demand anything more from them. We will do as you say.” Then I summoned the priests and made the nobles and officials take an oath to do what they had promised." Nehemiah could have taken the nobles and officials at their word, but he took it a step further and had them take an oath in front of the priests…representatives of God. There’s something magical about taking an oath in front of a group of people.  It tattoo’s your commitment to the cause. How can you implement an ‘oath’ when bringing people on to your team?  Maybe it’s an oath to you, then as the team grows its an oath to the entire team.  Maybe it’s a video oath to your customers and fans on social media? You can also take an oath in front of your team!  Watch how your integrity will be elevated to new levels as you make the ultimate commitment of publicly declaring your purpose and mission. #BecomeDisciplined #SharpenLeadership

  • Restart Your Business: Day 38 – Give Thanks

    On Day 37 I spoke about the powerful nature of a song I dedicated to my wife, and how listening to a song you’ve dedicated to someone can bring you to tears of either anger or bliss. As an entrepreneur, I need my mind focused in as much of the RIGHT NOW as possible. I don’t want it stuck too far ahead, and I don’t want it lingering behind. I also want my mind in as much positivity as possible. I have to curb my enthusiasm to watch the news, surround myself with positive people, and….here’s one you probably have never heard….listen to POSITIVE music. What do I mean by positive music? I have songs we turn to when I’m upset, depressed, sick of it all, and wanting to escape my reality. Music I loved in high school, a different relationship in my life, a different season I was far from God. I’ll start listening to music that has nothing to do with where I want to go in life. It’s like a drug. Here’s the trick I’ve learned, and its also a method Nehemiah and Ezra used in Chapter 11. What I’ve done is create a playlist of awesome Christian lyric songs that keep me in a state of THANKSGIVING. If I’m constantly being reminded to give thanks to God, my mind is ready to receive the opportunities He has for me and it keeps my eyes looking straight ahead, keeping the course. We all have tools to take us back to depressing times. It can be music, food, alcohol, drugs, other people, maybe an old stomping ground. But God wants us to stay in a mode of THANKSGIVING so we can keep moving forward. Nehemiah 12:31 says "I had the leaders of Judah go up on top of the wall. I also assigned two large choirs to give thanks. One was to proceed on top of the wall to the right, toward the Dung Gate." You know the songs that remind you of God, and what he’s done for you. Songs that literally bring you to your knees. In that moment of glorious surrender, God meets you and positivity and thanksgiving enter your body. What if every morning we had 2 or 3 songs we played that lined up our hearts and got us ready for the day? What about playing a couple in the car, on the way to work. Let’s make it a habit to give thanks to God through song. #ArticulatingMyIdeas #DifferentiatingMyself

  • Not All Entrepreneurs are Bosses

    One thing I’ve learned in the years of being an entrepreneur: I’m a horrible boss. No, really! I’m a great leader, I can instill Vision and confidence and trust like no other. I’m amazing with brainstorming, problem solving, branding and marketing. But when it comes to managing people, I stink. BUT WAIT…that’s just fine! For years I always thought that being an entrepreneur meant being the boss, and nothing could be further from the truth. Technically, the role of an entrepreneur can be ANYTHING. Here’s what the role of the entrepreneur is, and the same applies to everyone in your organization: everyone should be doing what that are COMPETENT at. If you love to bake, and you start a bakery, you will quickly realize that baking takes a back seat when you have to pay the bills, hire the employees and market your services and products. All of the sudden, the whole reason you started a business (to bake delicious delicacies) is now 4th on the list of priorities, and you find yourself stressed and about to give up. So here’s the solution: 1) make a list of what you love to do, and what you hate to do 2) as fast as possible, partner with or hire someone to do the things you hate doing As a baker, you should be coming up with new recipes, training other bakers, doing quality control, and always be in the kitchen while occasionally coming out to greet the customers only to take a quick survey of how they like the pastries you made. You’re the superstar!! We all need to stop living in levels of incompetence and start living lives of meaning. #SharpenLeadership

  • Control Freak Entrepreneurs – Stop

    I like updating my own website. I enjoy composing my weekly emails that go out from Creative Complex and sending them out. I love project managing. I’m also good at following up on my sales calls, collecting credit cards and booking appointments. Can you believe that even though I had an assistant, a project manager, a web developer, and an account executive, I still performed all of their jobs?!?! What a mistake on so many levels.  But the biggest mistake in doing this was that I was robbing others from growing…from flying from their nest and soaring with me. We can do that sometimes as entrepreneurs. We think that we’re the only ones that can do it the best.  We get impatient. We step in to help at the first sign of something not going they way we would do it. Deuteronomy 32:11 says, "Like an eagle that rouses her chicks and hovers over her young, so he spread his wings to take them up and carried them safely on his pinions." Godpreneurs realize that there are times you step into problems, but its momentary.  In the end, the goal is to let that person learn how to soar like you so you can let God take you to places you’ve never imagined. As for me…I USED to like doing all of those tasks I mentioned at the beginning.  But…I don’t do them anymore. Even though I’m great at these things, I have people on my team that are flying because I let them go. Godpreneur Rule #42: Let go of the tasks so your team can face and solve problems on their own and learn to soar with you. #ElevateWorkLifeBalance #SharpenLeadership

  • Restart Your Business: Day 8 – Praise Your Team

    I’m not a guy that gives a lot of praise. It doesn’t come naturally for me to recognize people’s efforts. I do it because I read in books that it’s good for Team and relationship building, but its forced. What I’ve noticed is that giving praise and appreciation to your team does magic in keeping the fire and passion lit. I’m glad that I’ve changed and now its becoming natural for me to give recognition. On day 4 we picked our team. What would happen if all we did was work our team to exhaustion and never say thank you or give credit for their role in the rebuilding? What if the opposite was true? What if all we did was praise our team for their amazing talents, recognizing we couldn’t do this alone. That’s what Nehemiah spent a good part of chapter 3 doing. He pretty much devotes an entire chapter on listing the names of the people that are helping him build the wall. Talk about an amazing leader! God’s given us entrepreneurs an example of a leader that praises while rebuilding. What can you do to praise your team along the way? Sending hand written notes? Private messages? Snapchat something fun! Tweet publicly, post on their Facebook Wall. If we recognize those helping us build, it will encourage them to continue the fight, encouraged and motivated by a charismatic entrepreneur! Your Entrepreneur Compass, Alex Miranda Here are 10 Ways to Show Your Employee Appreciation TODAY. P.S.  Comment below with any fears or frustrations you have that hold you back from getting started. #HiringtheRightPeople #IncreaseEnergy

  • Wisdom Wednesdays: Give of Your Time

    I’m in the business of consulting.  I make anywhere from $199 – $499 an hour for my time. Proverbs 11:25 says A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Although I volunteer at church and go on medical mission trips, which are both refreshing others, I also feel compelled at times to refresh others by offering my consulting for free. As Godpreneurs we serve a boss that will send us paying clients, but will also send us non-paying clients…or can’t pay as much as I charge (discount clients). Be sensitive to the spirit.  I’m not saying to just give away your services to anyone and everyone from the church.  The spirit will lead you.  It will ‘feel’ right to do this. We must have faith that God will refresh us…because His word says it. #SharpenLeadership

  • How to Show Mercy When You Really Feel Like Firing Someone

    There’s a lot of areas in my agency where my team can make costly mistakes. A project manager can miss a due task date and delay a project. A graphic designer can lose a major change and mess up a client’s marketing campaign. A developer can forget a major update, and an entire site can go down on a client for a few days. When these mistakes can cost me a contract with a client, it makes my blood boil. My immidiate instinct is to raise my voice, blame, point fingers, and make the person feel the same pain I feel. I feel like FIRING THEM on the spot! Yes, my mind goes to these places sometimes. An error by someone on my team has cost me money and reputation points in the past. The scars of these past experiences have caused me to lash out at anyone that threatens my business and livelihood. Showing Mercy in Business As entrepreneurs will always be surrounded by people in some way, shape, or form. And these people will undoubtedly anger us at one point or another. People make mistakes. People don’t always follow instructions. People aren’t perfect, and when that imperfection affects a critical part of our business, we can’t help but put our defense mechanisms up. We have many people that could do us wrong in business. Vendors can not follow through with what they promised. Contractors can delay projects by weeks if they make a mistake. Employees can have a lapse in judgment and do something hurtful. Partners can selfishly betray us. Clients can say hurtful things. The great battle for us Godpreneurs isn’t avoiding sin, but instead, avoiding our sin in response to someone else’s sin. Our greatest struggle for holiness as Christian entrepreneurs is being able to be Christ-like, even when we’re wronged against in our business. How do we become the type of Godpreneurs that can handle the wrongs against us in a way that builds our businesses and breaks us free from the anger that could be holding us back from more in our businesses? God’s POV on Mercy In the most famous preaching ever given on the planet, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount lays out the eight beatitudes, which are qualities of the people that enjoy special favor from God. I believe these qualities are the keys to unlocking the next levels of achievements in our businesses. In the fifth beatitude, Jesus reminds of why mercy is so important for entrepreneurs to practice. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. (Matthew 5:7 NIV) Mercy for business owners means treating the people we do business with better than they deserve. A type of mercy is forgiveness, and so is helping someone we’re not obligated to help. The reason Jesus says the merciful are blessed is that mercy is the entire reason for Christ’s incarnation, death, and Resurrection. It’s through Jesus that a business owner’s sins in business are forgiven, and he receives help by the gift of God’s spirit. 7 Practical Ways to Show Mercy Today Mercy can be very practical to you, especially as the leader of people. You’re supposed to help others attain their outcomes, regardless of how you feel about them. When you help a client, who you may not even like and who wronged you in the past, you are showing mercy and being the light of Christ in that person’s life. When you do this, you will be shown mercy. Although mercy sometimes feels like you’re losing or giving up a favorable position, you could have rightly taken, showing it benefits the outcome as a whole as well as the other person. Mercy is Being patient with a partner’s differences Helping employees around us that are hurting Giving a vendor a second chance Doing good to those clients who hurt us. Being kind to competitors who offend us Building bridges of love to prospects who can’t afford us Valuing relationships of strategic alliances over the rules of the marketplace When we Godpreneurs can create an environment of forgiveness, organizational performance improves. Why? Because people won’t feel like they walk on eggshells. When people are allowed to make mistakes, they take risks necessary to break through to innovations in business that will set the business apart. So, who do you need to show mercy to this week? A Prayer for More Mercy in Business Father, thank you for Jesus and the mercy You demonstrated for us on the cross by giving us your one and only Son so that we could have a life with You. Draw Godpreneurs worldwide into a deeper understanding of Your mercy. #StrengthenIntegrity

  • Restart Your Business: Day 10 – Nightwatch

    Nighttime can be a time I catch up on work and move forward some of my major tasks.  It can also be a time of major distraction. Some things that distract me are side projects, a glass of wine, watching the news, late night snacking, or social media snooping. Nothing on this list is part of the plan of getting the task at hand done. I read somewhere that your day really starts at night. Yes, I’m very productive in the morning and get a lot accomplished, but that’s because I set myself up for that at night. Dishes are done, gym bag is packed, coffee is set up, I’ve checked my calendar, planned my day, and I’m moving my building project forward. We can get so distracted at night. That’s when the enemy can put on a major attack.  We’ve all been preconditioned to “relax” at night and take it easy. While I believe in turning the lights down lower to wind the day down in our brain, I don’t agree that it’s a time to go to sleep on our building project. This 40 day period is sacred time, we were ordained to do this!  It’s our duty and responsibility in this season. Nehemiah was under attack by haters. And not just words, but the threat escalated to a potential physical confrontation.  But Nehemiah didn’t get scared.  He knew God had his back, he knew he had purpose in what he was doing, so he did what great leaders do:  move forward in the face of adversity. Nehemiah 4:6-9 says "So we rebuilt the wall till all of it reached half its height, for the people worked with all their heart.  But when Sanballat, Tobiah, the Arabs, the Ammonites and the people of Ashdod heard that the repairs to Jerusalem’s walls had gone ahead and that the gaps were being closed, they were very angry. They all plotted together to come and fight against Jerusalem and stir up trouble against it. But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat." Grant Cardone says that white space in the calendar is the devil. He’s right.  If your nighttime calendar isn’t filled with to do (even sex and time with wife should be on the calendar), then you’re giving a way to the enemy. Pray today that you’ll also guard your nighttime and that God will cover you and give you wisdom to be the best leader possible both day and night. #ElevateWorkLifeBalance #ImproveTimeManagement

  • Fixing Business Partnerships Gone Wrong – Step 4: Communicating for Change

    My partner and I would frequently get in email battles and heated arguments in front of employees. The biggest problems my partners and I had was not knowing how to communicate properly. Notice I didn’t say ‘a lack of communication’. I communicated a lot…I worked in the same small office. We all get into arguments with our partners. But what’s it all for? Can we even remember WHY the last argument started? The way to a restored and happy business partnership is through good communication, but we don’t know how to speak what matters, let alone to listen well and respond. The Bible says in Ephesians 4:29 "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." God wants us to be great communicators by listening and really knowing your partners needs. I believe God wants us to 1) Think about this greater purpose next time you’re talking with your partners. 2)While most daily talk is simply to share information or discuss less-than vital decisions, try to be fully present with your business partners even when discussing the most mundane of details. 3) Make it a practice to share with each other when you’re stressed or excited about. 4) Make the goal of communication with your partners developing greater compassion for one another. What I learned over the years is that communication isn’t just the act of speaking.  Communication is also listening and empathizing its really a self-less act. We all start out born knowing how to communicate one way….cry to get fed. But if we want real change in our partnerships, we have to learn the other side of communication: listening. #BusinessPartnerships #ShareYourTestimony #EnhanceFocus

  • Restart Your Business: Day 24 – Pray for Strength

    Can I admit that I’m not the best at recognizing when I need to pray? My prayer life is something I work on, I know its not my strength. Usually I try to solve things on my own. When the sales pipeline dries up, I frantically look for business. When I have a new idea, I implement without seeking counsel.  It’s just my nature. There’s nothing wrong with this, its our entrepreneurial nature.  But we’re missing one key element in the equation: going to God in prayer FIRST. If we go to God and ask for strength, THEN we can move to doing what we were going to do but with much more backing us up. Nehemiah was being attacked, but instead of caving in or trying to take on the enemies on his own, he asked God for strength. Nehemiah 6:9 says, "They were all trying to frighten us, thinking, “Their hands will get too weak for the work, and it will not be completed.” But I prayed, “Now strengthen my hands.” God wants us to come to him for strength as we rebuild. Are you implementing prayer into business decisions? We can start today! #StrengthenIntegrity #BecomeDisciplined

  • What Goes Around Does NOT Come Around – Surprise!

    When my business is doing great, I’m like ‘Yes God, you are amazing! Thank you! You’re rewarding me and pouring your blessings!’ When my business is down, I’m like ‘What did I do God? I’ll never do that thing again, I promise! Please stop punishing me!…’ I tend to see God the same way my parents raised me; Good gets rewarded and bad gets the belt. What does around, comes around. I know I’m not alone. I think we all think this in business.  A downturn in the financials have us thinking where we went wrong. A customer service complaint has us dwelling on the past mistakes we might have made. The problem with what-goes-around-comes-back-around thinking is that it constantly has us walking on eggshells. Analyzing past actions to course-correct in the future is amazing, but analyzing the past to beat yourself up is exactly what the enemy came to do. To live in guilt will destroy the visions God gave us and put up walls of fear that will keep us from living the ‘risk it all’ lifestyle that an entrepreneur must endure. God gave us Paul in the book of Acts as an example of a man that knows his past but only focuses on his future. He’s not walking around shamed by the things of his past, but instead focused on the hope of the visions come to life of his future. In Acts 27 and 28, we see Paul get caught in a huge rainstorm on his way to Rome. There were 276 men on board this ship and Paul somehow finds a way to make this an opportunity to show everyone who God is. All men on board were prisoners and the guards in charge of them. All of them should have died, but Paul had a vision he shared, so their lives were spared. Everyone at home hearing about a shipwreck would have been like ‘they deserved to die for their actions that got them to jail’ but what goes around didn’t come around. God was good. While shipwrecked on an island, they were building a fire and a venomous snake bit Paul. The natives on the island immediately said ‘this guy must be a murderer, he’ll be dead in minutes for the crimes he committed’. But Paul shook the snake off and was never ill. In fact, with that same hand, he healed the father of the chief of the island. You see, the world has us thinking that what goes around comes around. But this simply isn’t true…not under God’s economy…not under God’s business plans. Instead, if you stay focused on your gifts and talents, and keep believing you are on a mission for Christ, then you will be able to shake off the seemingly life-threatening setbacks that befuddle us and chain us to a guilt that we were already forgiven of. Godpreneur Rule #60: Godpreneurs learn from their mistakes, but don’t live in their mistakes. #GodpreneurAcademy #BecomeDisciplined #EnhanceFocus

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